MONDAY MONEY TIP PODCAST: Getting Prepared for 2019

We hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas season and is well on their way to having a debt-free Christmas! On today’s episode of the Monday Money Tip Podcast, Joe and Megan are sharing what you should be doing in order to make 2019 your best financial year yet. Joe will explain the importance of goal setting and which categories you should focus on this upcoming year. You will also hear a success story from a woman who is experiencing her first-ever debt free Christmas in 16 years.

It’s our goal at the end of each episode that you gain hope and encouragement in your financial journey, you’re equipped to take a next step, and that you’ve had FUN with us!

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Show Notes:

About the Episode:

  • Joe shares what you can do in order to make 2019 your best year financially.
  • Megan and Joe discuss the importance of setting goals in 5 different categories for the new year.
  • Hear a success story from a woman who is experiencing her first-ever debt-free Christmas.

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Quote of the Day: “You never have to recover from a great start!” – Ken Friar


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