MONDAY MONEY TIP PODCAST: Maximize Your Tax Refund

This week on the Monday Money Tip Podcast, we’re sharing what you can do in order to maximize any tax refund that you may receive this year! We know that many people will receive a tax refund and we want to make sure you are able to maximize any money that comes your way! In addition, we will be sharing a success story from a man who created a budget and was able to pay off three medical bills and begin tithing consistently!

It’s our goal at the end of each episode that you gain hope and encouragement in your financial journey, you’re equipped to take a next step, and that you’ve had FUN with us!

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Show Notes

About the Episode:

  • Hear a success story about a man who has paid off three medical bills since attending a Financial Learning Experience.
  • Get advice on what you should do with your tax refund this year.
  • I’ll share how you can use our Mini-Budget Tool to make decisions about your tax refund.

IWBNIN Next Steps
Mini-Budget Tool

Quote of the Day: “When you tell your money where to go, you’ll never have to wonder where it went.”


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