Money is a JOURNEY. Not a MOMENT.

I’ve experienced the following scenario more times than I can count:

Excited person approaches me: “I’m so ready to change the way I manage my finances. I can’t wait to get started. What are some key things I need to do?”

My response: “For me, preparing a list of my plans, hopes, and dreams was my first step. It provided the fuel to make the tough changes in the way I had been managing money. Then I began preparing a written budget – a spending plan – every single month before each month began.”

Less excited person responds: “Oh. Okay.”

You see, in this moment, the person has realized the following truth:

“Money is a JOURNEY. Not a MOMENT.”

This is perhaps the greatest challenge we will face when dealing with our money. Maybe it’s because it is the absolute opposite of poor financial behavior.

For example, when I wanted a new car, I was able to purchase it within a day – and signed up for four years of debt payments. It was a moment. I got what I wanted, and it happened nearly immediately.

However, when I decided to eliminate my debt, it was not a moment. It was a journey. I got what I wanted – eventually instead of immediately. After lots and lots of intense focus, effort, and preparing and living by monthly budgets that reflected my desire to kill my debt.

If you want to truly make your money work for you and prosper, it will require a journey. Not just a momentary desire, feeling or decision.

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