My money was OUT OF CONTROL until this one thing happened…

Since you’re familiar with my passion to help people win with their money, I’m sure you know that I am FIRED UP about what I’m about to tell you! In fact, I’m writing about a matter that, should it have the same impact on your life as it has had on mine, will alter your life forever.

My life used to be a financial mess. I was clueless about money, and our finances felt completely out of control. I graduated from college with a mountain of student loan debt (measured in tens of thousands of dollars!) and credit card balances (totaling in the thousands of dollars). I then proceeded to finance a brand new car and a home. Then I financed some furniture with the famous “24 months same-as-cash” approach.

Before I knew it, I was swimming in debt and completely broke. We literally averaged $4.13 in our bank account each month. “Miscellaneous cash withdrawal” from the ATM was one of my top expenses each month.  It was a mess! Can you identify with any of this?! If so, keep reading, because I believe your life could be radically altered by the same thing that happened to me.

My money was OUT OF CONTROL until this one thing happened. I hesitate to even write what it was because it sounds so simple and mundane. Yet, this one thing completely changed my financial future. Words can’t really do justice to the power this one thing gave me over money.

At the risk of offending people at the simple nature of this tool, I’m going to go ahead and tell you what it was.

It was …


Sounds simple doesn’t it?

But do you have one? Do you follow it? Do you prepare a new one each and every month?

182 months ago, my family prepared its first ever budget that actually worked. We haven’t skipped a single month since, and it has allowed us to gain control of our money in ways I once thought impossible.

Budgeting FIRES ME UP!

This is why I am FIRED UP to announce an all-new initiative here at I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. It’s called the 40-Day Budget Challenge!

What is a 40-Day Budget Challenge? It is a challenge designed especially for you to help you implement a budget that actually works!

I’m going to share a little about it below, but if you just want to learn the nitty-gritty stuff, just click HERE.

40-Day Budget Challenge Info

  • When does it start? It will kick off with a LIVE on-line two-hour equipping on-line event on Tuesday, August 21st.
  • How does it work? You will receive special teaching every day of the challenge! The first 10 days will focus on preparing your actual monthly budget for September. The final 30 days will help you succeed with your budget throughout the month!
  • Can I get real help from the IWBNIN team? Absolutely! There will be a live call once per week on Thursday at 8PM EDT where your questions will be answered by Joe or a member of the IWBNIN team.
  • Do I have to show up to the live events or will they be available on-demand? We understand that you have a busy life! As such, we will record all live events and make them available to all 40-Day Budget Challenge participants!

If you are READY TO TAKE CONTROL of your money, reduce financial stress, and begin making progress toward your dreams, don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the 40-Day Budget Challenge – REGISTER NOW

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