Ready to Get Organized? Part TWO

There are two types of people – those who are organized and those who aren’t. Which do you fall under? How about with your finances? It’s extremely important to have your finances organized. In fact, I believe that a lack of organization is one of the top reasons that people do not reach the peak of their financial potential. So, are you ready to get organized? Here we go!

PART ONE  Understand why you are doing this in the first place

PART TWO  Prepare a list of all of your financial accounts

If you are a slightly or very disorganized person (like I used to be!), this is probably going to be the most difficult part of the entire organizational process. It is important to gather together your financial statements so you can easily prepare a one or two page document that details your entire picture.

To speed up the process, we have a tool that you can use to consolidate all of your information into one place. You can download a copy below:

Financial Accounts Form (PDF) or Financial Accounts Form (MS Word)

Below is a sample of how the information can be written into the file:

In the next step of this series, we will talk about specific types of information that you need to be sure to include on this document.

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