Sad Realities About How People Manage Money

Here are some sad realities about how most people manage money:

  1. We know more about our favorite team or TV show than we know about our own financial situation.
  2. We spend more money on video games for our children than we save for their college education.
  3. We say we have plans, hopes, and dreams, but most of us never take the time to even write them down – let alone prepare a plan to accomplish them.
  4. We will spend hours planning for a Super Bowl Party but no time preparing a financial plan.
  5. We spend all of our money every month and then claim the lack of savings is someone else’s fault.
  6. We raise kids for 18 years and somehow never take the time to teach them about money management – giving, saving, investing, budgeting, compound interest, etc.

I’m committed to helping people change this reality. It’s good to have a favorite team (especially if it’s the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, and the Chicago Cubs), but not if it takes the place of ensuring my finances are in order and funding plans, hopes, and dreams. It’s awesome to have an incredible Super Bowl Party (especially if my Colts are in it), but not if I am overspending money because I didn’t have a budget.

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