Sangl Home Pay-Off Spectacular – August 2008

Every month there will be an update of Joe & Jenn’s Home Pay-Off Spectacular!

Here’s this month’s update!

Total Squares:  2,426

Paid-For Squares:  748 752

Squares Remaining:  1678 1674

% of House Owned By The Sangl’s:  30.8% 31.0%

% of House Owned By Wells Fargo:  69.2% 69.0%

Here is the updated “Sangl Home Pay-Off Spectacular” (Click on the picture to view the larger version)

How are you doing on YOUR house payoff spectacular?  Don’t have one?  Get yours here => Pay Off Spectacular – House.

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  1. Mike on August 1, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    The link doesn’t work to get my own pay off spectacular.

    I hope this isn’t a bad omen.

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