Save A Ton Of Money On Insurance!

I was able to go to Foothills Community Church last night and sit in on the final session of the I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Group Study.

To prepare for this final session, participants were directed to shop their insurance rates and come to session six with what they found.

The results seemed to surprise some in attendance, but they did not surprise me! If you have not shopped your insurance lately, you can save a TON of cash.

Here are some of the actual numbers reported last night.

  • Saved $300/year on Auto/Home
  • Saved $1,836/year on Auto/Home
  • Saved $660/year on Auto/Home
  • Saved $786/year on Auto/Home
  • Saved $110/year on 20-year Level Term Life Insurance

Why not get new insurance quotes?


The above links are to US Insurance Online a company that I have used to obtain much better rates. Instead of having to call three different insurance companies and telling them your information three different times, you can type your info in once.  This info will be distributed to a bunch of different name-brand and independent agencies – all competing for your business.

You can get your home, auto, life, and health insurance quoted all at one time, and it can all be done in less than five minutes. Chances are good that you will save a ton of money. When you do, I hope you will click HERE and share how much you saved!


  1. burt orr on December 20, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    this was one of the first things i did after your seminar even though we haven’t started the class [jan 11] i found a 375 dollar savings for the same exact insurance and its through state farm im still not done searching.

  2. Kristin on March 18, 2010 at 9:03 am

    Hey Joe,
    I love your information and we have been working on our budget. Its been great! I just wanted to say on the insurance shopping information, (of course I’m an insurance agent 🙂 that I have seen some of the policies that people who are uneducated in insurance have chosen. It is scary if they dont understand coverages, terminology, limits…they can be saving money but purchasing a policy that is not going to help them if they need it.
    I would make sure they are comparing with a current declaration page or even start by calling their current insurance agent and reviewing their policy. The company could have introduced new discounts, or have other companies that may save them money. There are lots of benefits to longevity with a carrier as well 🙂
    Just wanted to comment as vehicles and homes are often peoples largest investments….and….its the agent in me LOL!
    Have a great day and thanks again for visiting our church!!

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