SavingFreak – GroceryFreak FREE On-Line Workshop

I am excited to announce that The Saving Freak will be offering the SavingFreak/GroceryFreak Workshop for FREE in an on-line workshop!

The Saving Freak continually amazes me at the ways he saves money on nearly everything he buys.   I have applied most of his savings ideas in my own life, and it has truly made a HUGE difference!

Here are some things I have learned from him:

  • How to cut my grocery bill by nearly 25% (using coupons and and other coupon websites)
  • How to make my el-cheapo disposable razor last at least 10 months
  • How to locate discount codes for most of my on-line purchases
  • How to cut my hotel bills by more than 50% (and our team travels A LOT)
  • How to cut my car rental bills by more than 50% (and we also rent a lot of vehicles)

I am SO EXCITED that we have been able to offer this workshop on-line!   It will be offered on two different dates – March 9th and March 16th from 7PM – 9PM Eastern Time.

Did I mention that it is FREE?   Registration is required.   Learn more and REGISTER HERE.

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