SERIES: Working Together To Win With Money – Part 2

Welcome to the latest series at – "Working Together To Win With Money".

In this series, I will be writing about the benefits that Jenn and I have enjoyed since we started "working together to win with money".

Benefit #1 We both know the financial situation.

Benefit #2 – Improved communication

When Jenn and I were B-R-O-K-E and constantly spending money that we did not have, we really had no idea where our money was going.  All we knew was that it was leaving at a very rapid pace!

Once we started working together to plan our spending every month, our communication changed dramatically!  I now know when each of my nephews and nieces have a birthday because we send them money.  We can't just magically produce the money we send them every birthday.  It must be planned.

We also discuss our future plans hopes and dreams.  We talk about which dreams will be funded now and which ones will need to be funded later.  We have made a decision, together, to fund our daughter's college education – through PhD if she so chooses.  We fund that education every single month.  It is a priority, and we have agreed together that it is extremely important to us.

We both want to travel extensively all around the world.  We have made the decision that most of those travels are going to be funded in the future, not now.  BUT we have funded a few trips.  This summer, we took a sixteen day vacation and drove from South Carolina all of the way through North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota.  We hung out with family.  We saw Mount Rushmore.  We saw the Independence Day fireworks at Mount Rushmore!  We saw buffalo – hundreds of them.  We saw antelope.  We hiked in a cool cave – over 200 feet below the surface.  We funded this trip and paid cash for it – because we agreed together to fund it.

We have been able to give to causes and people that we believe in – because we have a plan that we have worked on together.

To put it very bluntly – there is no possible way that we are ever going back to our old way of money (mis)management.   Our marriage has been vastly improved by the fact that we work together to win with our money.

Keys To Obtaining Benefit #2

  • Understand each other's plans, hopes, and dreams.
  • Take time to develop a written spending plan TOGETHER – visit HERE
  • Plan your spending EVERY SINGLE MONTH – ensure that you are funding at least one of your dreams at all times
  • Become debt free – calculate your Debt Freedom Date HERE

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