Setting 2008 Financial Goals – Part 2

Welcome to the latest series – Setting 2008 Financial Goals!

Yesterday, I shared step one.


Written plans allow you to FOCUS on your goals.  Did you take the time yesterday to draft your 2008 Financial Goals?  I know I did!  Next year is going to be quite a year for me!  My book, "I Was Broke.  Now I'm Not!", will be released in late January.  I can't wait!

After you have written down your goals, it is time for step two.


"Fail to plan.  Plan to fail."  A plan is not complete without assigning a completion date next to it.  This date will help hold you accountable to yourself!

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you look over the goals you have written down and assign expected completion dates.

  • If you are married, are you and your spouse on the same page with these financial goals?  If you are not on the same page, this will be VERY difficult!
  • Do any goals rely on another to be completed first?  (For example, if you are paying off two credit cards – does one need to be paid off before the other?)
  • Are the goals mildly realistic?  Ridiculous goals tend to de-motivate and demoralize.  Make sure the goal has a good fighting chance of being accomplished!  On the other end of the scale, don't be too easy.  Be sure to stretch yourself some!
  • Are any goals higher in priority than others?  If so, be sure that they are identified as such!

There have been times that I have placed my goals in a drawer.  This is NOT good!  Here are some tips for ensuring your goals are kept in front of you through the year.

  • Place a "Task" in your e-mail task list or Blackberry that will give you an alarm on the date that the goal is expected to be completed.
  • Place another "Task" in your automated list that will ask the question – "Review your 2008 Financial Goals"  This is REALLY EFFECTIVE if you actually include your 2008 Financial Goals in the "Task".  That way, the excuse of "I don't have my goal list with me" is totally removed!
  • Place the goal list in front of you at work or on the refrigerator.  Place it somewhere that is very visual and will be seen often!
  • Tell others about your goals!  That is great accountability!
  • Start a blog and share your goals with the world!  People like Jonathan at My Money Blog and the lazy man at Lazy Man and Money are sharing their personal financial picture with the world!  It makes me wildly uncomfortable to see their net worth, but I can't stop reading their blog!

Time for me to go assign dates to my 2008 Financial Goals!

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  1. Mark Riddle on September 22, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Assigning dates turns abstact desires into a concrete plans.

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