Success Story: Saved Money On Insurance!

I love receiving success stories via e-mail!

Here is one I received this week … 

From Iowa  Just wanted to let you know we shopped around and got our insurance company to lower our car insurance $65 a month so that's a savings of $780.00 a year, YEAH!!!!

$780 savings is TAKE-HOME pay.  To bring home $780 net pay, one would need to earn around $1,000 (because of taxes).  That means you just gave yourself a $1,000/year RAISE!

That will spend just like money.

If you have not comparison-shopped your auto and homeowner's (or renter's) insurance premiums in the last two years, statistics show that you are paying too much.  Geico is right when they say, "Fifteen minutes or less could save your fifteen percent or more on car insurance!"

A great product that makes insurance shopping easy is netQuote (link below).  You can enter your information once, and it goes out to all of your local insurance agencies.  They call and e-mail you with new quotes.  Be sure to get a new quote from your current provider as well!  You may be able to keep the same insurance provider for a lot less money!  When companies compete, you win!


  1. DJ on February 7, 2009 at 8:57 am

    Hi Joe,

    Saw an article in the Saturday, February 7, 2009, Daily Journal Page 2A Titled “Army looking for new ways to curb suicides” referring to different causes of the growing suicide rate. The Army may have to start teaching soilders how to handle stress. The Army is working with the Department of Defense on new approaches in handling stress. The Army is tryint to identify skills that will help dealing with stress such as learning to balance a checkbook so a soldier with a young family doesn’t fall into debt and open the way to further stress. They are trying to identify skills whether they are intellectual, physical, spiritual…so that when the stress hits, troups are armed to deal with it. Your plan could possibly be just what the Army so badly needs for the troups. You are encouraged to contact the Department of Defense to investigate any and all potential for your program.

  2. Judy on February 9, 2009 at 11:34 am

    Thanks for sharing this story. Our insurance company is next on the chopping block 🙂

  3. Jim on February 10, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    Great Class At Springcreek Church this past week. You are a ball of fire. Everyone could sense your committment to doing what’s right for folks in their finances.
    As related to military, are you aware that most insurance companies have exclusions for Acts of war, Terrorist acts and Suicides. There are a few that do cover military and will absorbe the suicide contestability clauses upon replacment of a previous policy.

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