Top 10 Reasons I Invest

  1. I want to start a college
  2. I want to visit New Zealand and Australia
  3. Canadian Fishing Trips need to become an annual event
  4. I want to visit China when I am 90
  5. I want to own a 200 acre farm complete with horses, chickens, pigs, cows, and lots of gardens
  6. I want to give $1,000,000 away at one time to a cause I care deeply about
  7. My dad gave me a book when I was twelve called “The Wealthy Barber” by David Chilton.  The facts are so obvious – those who invest: win; those who do not: whine
  8. I am on a crusade to help others with their finances, and it will require substantial cash to take it to the world!
  9. To pay for my children’s education – all of it – even through doctoral school
  10. To be free of the bondage of debt and to pursue exactly what God has put me on earth to do – 100% of the time!

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