Would You Help Me Get The Word Out About Oxen?

We are busy preparing for the release of my latest book: Oxen: The Key To An Abundant Harvest on Tuesday, October 30th!

I really believe this is a book that can change thousands of lives, but we need to get this resource in people’s hands!

We’ve done everything we can to make this an incredible resource. We made it a hardcover book because we believe it will be referenced on an ongoing basis as people take steps to birth and acquire oxen. It is interactive with our Oxen website. More importantly, the content in this book is what literally moved me from “just getting by” to achieving an “abundant harvest.”

We need one more thing to make this an incredible release on October 30th: YOU!

You can help us make that day one to remember! Here are all of the ways you can help:

  • Promote on your blog  We have an incredible set of pre-written blog posts and images (HERE) you can use to promoteOxen.
  • Twitter  A set of  Twitter posts are available at the bottom of this post HERE
  • Facebook Share aboutOxenon your Facebook page and provide a link to the book’s website – http://www.iwasbrokenowimnot.com/oxen
  • Tell people  Share it with others!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve you in your journey to win with your money!


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