Your Last 100 Financial Transactions

I’m writing a series of blog posts focused on financial vision.

Let’s get personal for a minute. Take a look at the last 100 financial transactions you’ve conducted. These transactions include debit cards, credit cards, checks, cash apps, paycheck deductions, investments, giving, and automatic drafts/payments.

What do your financial transactions reveal about you?

There are many words that can describe “who” we are when it comes to money: Giver, Taker, Saver, Spender, Wealthy, Broke, Investor, Earner, Giver, Debtor, Owner, and Manager are just a few. When you look at your financial behavior, what does they say you are?

Here’s the big money question: Does your financial behavior reflect who you want and desire to be?

This is such a monumental question because it is the vision question. It demands a heartfelt and thorough evaluation of where we are and where we desire to be.

I just looked through my last 106 financial transactions. We had 88 outgo transactions for a random assortment of bills like subscriptions, utilities, automatic payments, and gasoline. We had 2 giving transactions, 6 investment transactions, and 10 deposit/saving transactions. I would certainly like to have less outgo transactions. I’m happy to see the giving, saving, and investing transactions. They have not occurred by accident! It is the result of a clear vision that Jenn and I have for our lives and for the money we’re entrusted to manage. We have to fight for the vision every single day – especially with three children, a home to maintain, and the busyness of life.

What do your last 100 financial transaction reveal about you? I dare you to review them.

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