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That’s Funny!

A lady who went through one of my personal finance classes told me of her money-saving idea (and I laughed Sealed)

This lady did not have dental insurance, but went to the dentist for her semi-annual cleaning.  This is a good thing!!!

Anyway, during the examination of her teeth, it was discovered that one of the teeth had cracked badly.  As a result, a crown was needed for that tooth.

The dentist, unaware of who he was up against, informed her that a crown costs $650.

Her reply?  "No.  $275!" 

The SHOCKED dentist said, "$325."

THAT'S FUNNY!!!  Too many of us believe that a SERVICE provided by doctors, hospitals, lawyers, and other professionals is NON-negotiable.  WRONG!

You can pay full price and remain B-R-O-K-E OR you can negotiate.  Yes, it might be a little uncomfortable, but I'm not broke anymore!

I want to hear more FUNNY stories about negotiating.  Care to share one?  Click on the comments section below and share it!


There are moments in time where I just sit in amazement listening to how others are managing their money.   I see reflections of my past in many of their actions.

Sheesh-Type Observations (Self-Proclaimed!)

  • People really believe that they can consistently spend MORE than they make and win financially.
  • It is a flat-out oddity for people to have more than $2,000 in savings.  Most have made over $500,000 in the past 10 years, yet they don't even have $2,000 in savings!
  • Most believe that their financial situation was destined to be that way.  Their mom and dad lived this way, their brothers and sisters live this way, and their friends live this way.
  • Remember that "Keeping up with the Jones'" thing?  Yeah, it is still VERY alive.  Most will deny it vehemently, but call it what it is – that huge brand new truck and boat (finances 100%) was bought to impress the friends and family.
  • People believe that they just need to earn more money to gain financial freedom.  This is the biggest lie in the book!  I know people who earn less than $20K/year who have money in the bank and are winning financially!
  • People believe that math does not work!  This belief happens until the person actually puts their income and outgo on paper and INCOME – OUTGO = EXACTLY ZERO is applied.  When a budget is put together, they begin to see that it is basic 1st-grade math that drives whether or not they will win financially!

What are the "SHEESH" moments you see that drive you crazy?  Share them in the comments section below!

Money Savers – Travel

Negotiate the rates at a hotel

Find out what prices are at the hotel.  Look up the current prices on  If the prices are cheaper on Expedia (almost always are), then call the hotel and tell them that you want the rate offered on Expedia.  Why do this?  Well, if you purchase using Expedia, it is a no-cash-back-if-you-cancel deal.  If you set up the deal with the hotel, you can usually cancel up to 4PM on the day of expected arrival and be out zero cash.  You get the cheaper rate PLUS the option to cancel if necessary.

Pay cash at a hotel

Tell them that you are paying cash and want a better deal Continue Reading…

Another New Tool: The Mortgage Payment Calculator proudly announces another tool – The Mortgage Payment Calculator!

Considering paying off your mortgage early?  Put in the information, and you will know how much your principal and interest payment needs to be to pay it off!

Considering purchasing a house?  Put in the information, and you will know what the principal and interest payment will be!

To access this tool, click on "TOOLS" at the top of this page OR click HERE!

Happy calculating! 

Another New Tool: The Investment Value Calculator announces another tool to help you on your path to financial freedom!

It is "The Investment Value Calculator".

As you can see below, it could not be any easier!  Type in an "Annual Rate of Return", "Time Period", "Current Value", and "Monthly Contribution", and it will provide you with the "Investment Value"!  Even better, it will also return a snapshot of the value of such an investment in 5 year increments!

You can access this new tool by clicking the "TOOLS" link at the top of the page or by clicking HERE!

Happy calculating!!! 

Money Saving Ideas

So I met with my friend Paul Moyer for lunch on Tuesday.  I thought I was a maniac when it comes to saving money, but Paul is an absolute FREAK!

He showed up with a printed list of money saving ideas and explained each one in great detail throughout lunch.  I will share the ideas with you, but I am going to share my favorite one first – CHANGE HUNTING.

Apparently, Paul walks around looking at the ground.  Swings, merry-go-rounds, cashier's Continue Reading…

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