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People I am learning from!

As you know, I continually urge you to learn from others.  I wanted to share with you today the web sites and blogs that I read EVERY DAY and are helpful to me as I seek more knowledge as it pertains to personal finances!

CNN Money I really like this site from a "what is happening in the world of finance" perspective

MyMoneyBlog This guy, Jonathan, is a freak!  He actually posts his net worth on his web site!  How awesome is that?

Rich Brott Rich has published at least seven books on personal finances and offers an outstanding biblical perspective to management of your money and possessions.

Lazy Man And Money A blog where the author posts his monthly residual income and how he is working to grow it!

What other blogs/sites should I be reading? 

Obtaining Financial Freedom is EZ!

Obtaining Financial Freedom is EZ!  It is so simple to achieve it.

Here is how you accomplish Financial Freedom!

Income – Outgo = Exactly Zero

Let's shorten it a bit.

I – O = EZ

See?  I told you that obtaining Financial Freedom is EZ!

Is I – O = NEGATIVE?  Sell some stuff!  Get rid of the car!  Cut off the home phone (you use your cell phone for everything anyway)!  Get rid of cable!  Sell the boat!  Work your way through college!  Acquire a new skill set!  Sell the four-wheeler!  Get rid of the subscription to magazine!  Cancel the golf club membership!

I – O = EZ!

Think I'm crazy?  Maybe so, BUT I AM NOT B-R-O-K-E ANYMORE!!!

You can wander around thinking you can just eventually, kinda-sorta, "maybe someday when I win the lottery", trip and fall into debt freedom and financial freedom.  Go ahead and try that!  I like the tried and true method of "I made the hard decisions long ago like "using my money to pay off debt instead of really nice vacations" so that NOW I can make the hard decisions like "which vacation should I go on".

I – O = EZ

Financial Hero – Thomas J. Stanley, William D. Danko

Why are Thomas Stanley and William Danko Financial Heroes? 

Thomas Stanley and William Danko became Financial Heroes when they wrote a book titled The Millionaire Next Door.  Stanley and Danko conducted multiple controlled studies of affluent people.  Wealthy people.

I have always said that if one wants to become wealthy, you should speak to wealthy individuals and learn what they have done and are doing to create more wealth.  You do not go to your broke brother-in-law to become wealthy!!!

Stanley and Danko take this to an entirely different level!  They went to the wealthy people and conducted studies on their behaviors to try and understand why they have become wealthy.  What they found is AWESOME!  It is best summed up by the start of the book which I have transcribed here …

These people cannot be millionaires!  They don't look like millionaires, they don't dress like millionaires, they don't eat like millionaires, they don't act like millionaires – they don't even have millionaire names.  Where are the millionaires who look like millionaires?

Oh baby!  This book proves WITH PILES OF DATA (you KNOW that I love that!) that the "keeping up with the Jones'" crowd are destined to remain B-R-O-K-E.

Stanley and Danko talk about UAWs and PAWs.  Under Accumulators of Wealth (UAW) and Prodigious Accumulators of Wealth (PAW).  There are many professionals who have a relatively large net worth but are actually UAWs.  Why?  Because just because you have a net worth of $350,000 does not mean that you have done well financially!  What if you are a doctor who is earning $240,000 per year?  Is $350,000 a prodigious amount?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  To be a PAW, a 40 year old doctor earning $240,000/year would have to have a net worth of $960,000 or more!

Don't get it?  Read the book!  It will challenge you in ways you have not been challenged financially.

Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko – You have officially been named a Financial Hero!


Read about other Financial Heroes!

I LOVE hearing the stories!

I was talking with my Northern Indiana friends, Sam & Lori, yesterday.  They gave me an update on the Financial Peace University class that they are teaching at Nappanee Missionary Church.  NMC is where Jenn and I started out our financial crusade, and we were able to work alongside Sam and Lori for three years as we saw over 500 people go through the FPU classes.  It was an incredible time where we saw tons of life change happening!

Anyway, Sam told me that Dave Engbrecht, pastor of NMC, spoke recently about personal finances and the impact it has on your spirit!  As part of the message, there was a testimony by a couple who had changed the way that they manage their money and the result it has had on their marriage and lives.

I cannot put into words how PROUD and PUMPED UP and EXUBERANT I was!  I downloaded the message so I could hear what they had to say.  It was incredible.  Life is completely different for them these days!  So much better.  So much easier.  So free.

As I listened to them, my mind drifted back to Christmas break 2004.  This SAME couple had asked me to come over and help them put together their first ever budget.  After I left, they got their children together and had a credit card chopping party!  They enrolled into the FPU class that began the next month, January 2005.  The rest is history!  Their lives are forever changed!

My God is awesome!  He allowed me to use my gifts, talents, and abilities to speak a better way.  That is all it took for this couple!  They heard a better way (God's way), and their lives will never be the same.  They have even LEAD the FPU for teens class so that the high school students can avoid making many poor financial decisions!

That PUMPS ME UP!  That makes me want to charge hell with a water pistol!

When will you start writing your "NEW YOU" story?  When will you join the crusade?  When will you be able to tell your story to others and impact their lives for eternity?




OR will you be telling THIS STORY in twenty years?

Two Posts Today! is proud to announce that Joe's crusade to help others with their personal finances will visit the Atlanta, GA area  twice in the next two months!

On Saturday, May 5th, Joe will be teaching the Financial Learning Experience at Crossroads Church in Douglasville, GA!  For more information, you can contact Crossroads Church at 678-370-0555.

On Sunday, June 3rd, Joe will be speaking during the two morning services at Oakleaf Church in Cartersville, GA!  On that same evening, Joe will be teaching the Financial Learning Experience.  For more information, you can contact Oakleaf Church at 678-721-2377.

Joe would love to meet you at one of these two exciting events!  You will have fun.  You will be challenged.  You will leave changed.

Interested in having Joe and his crusade to help others with their personal finances at your church, your community, or your business team?  Contact Joe HERE