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Joseph Sangl’s Current Investments – 2015

Anyone who has attended a Financial Learning Experience has heard me say that it is important to INVEST money and to do so every single time you are paid money. At the end of our live events, I am regularly asked or emailed the following question:

“What investments do you recommend?”

My answer is always, “I don’t recommend specific investments. I can only tell you the investments I own, and they have worked well for me. The investments you choose are up to you.”

Occasionally, I update everyone on the investments I currently hold. Below is a chart of the current investments we hold. If it is publicly-traded, I have included the ticker symbol. Click on the chart itself (or HERE) to see a larger version.


It is hard to believe that another year has passed by! If you look at last year’s update, you will see quite a change in the allocation of my investments. This is most noticeable in our real estate holdings. This is due to acquisition of more properties as well as the appreciation in the value of other real estate holdings. You can click the pie chart below to see a larger version of the chart.


My views of the investing market place:

  1. I anticipate the stock market will continue to grow at a moderate pace. While the current Price-to-Earnings Ratio (P/E) for the overall market is at nearly 18, there are are many reasons to believe that we will see some growth. These include:
    • (a) cash rich companies – I believe we will see a hastening of the investment of these monies through 2015,
    • (b) low interest rates – while the Federal Reserve Board has ceased QE3 and are clearly signaling an increase in interest rates, these rate hikes are going to be low for the foreseeable future, and
    • (c) oil price collapse – while this certainly affects Big Oil stocks, it has an overall economic stimulus effect as it puts substantial dollars back into the pockets of consumers
  2. I continue to believe there will be ample investment opportunities within the real estate markets in 2015. I travel throughout the U.S. and Canada and rarely have I seen construction – both large-scale commercial and residential – at the levels I’m observing right now. It’s only a matter of time before this shows up in the profit statements of the largest contractors.
  3. I also believe there will be ample investment opportunities into new business start-ups and purchase of existing businesses
  4. Worldwide instability has existed since the beginning of time. It exists today. While the problems may change names tomorrow, I’m convinced we will still face worldwide instability tomorrow as well. I believe a great risk is in not investing at all. I will continue to be an investor!

I welcome your thoughts on the investing market place as well. What do you think? What are your strategies?

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Monday Money Tip: Compound Interest – Friend or Enemy?

Happy Monday! Welcome to another addition of Monday Money Tip! In this video, I’m sharing all about compound interest. How does it work? Is it your greatest friend or worst enemy?

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Common Question About 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Many people look at 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card offers and wonder, “what’s the catch?” So let’s dive into this question.

QUESTION: Is the interest rate really 0%? 
The answer is, “YES!” Many of these offers do, however, have a small transfer fee – usually around 3%. 

Let’s use an example to see how this works.

Suppose you transfer a balance of $5,000 from a card that has a 21.99% interest rate. You apply for a 0% balance transfer credit card. This offer comes with a 3% balance transfer fee, but it also provides 0% for 18 months.

Upon acceptance of your application, the 3% balance transfer fee ($150) will be applied to your balance on the new credit account making your total balance owed equal $5,150 ($5,000 balance that was transferred PLUS the $150 balance transfer fee).

Now comes the good part! You now owe 0% interest for the 18 month period – as long as you make all of your payments on time, of course. Let’s see how this plays out while making $200/month payments – 21.99% credit card vs 0% balance credit card.

The I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Team keeps a running list of 0% Balance Transfer offers HERE.

0% Balance Transfer credit card offers

Just by making one decision that takes less than 15 minutes, you can make a HUGE difference with your finances!

How to Make Credit Debt Disappear Quicker

It’s no surprise that I’m not a huge fan of credit cards. This is mainly because, in the past, I ran up huge balances on them three separate times. As a financial teacher, I have seen a large amount of people entangled in credit card debt and paying huge interest charges. While this is not an ideal situation to be in, there is always HOPE and a way out! So how do you make credit debt disappear quicker? One way is 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards!

Here’s an example – I recently met a family that had several credit cards. They were paying 7.99% interest all the way up to 22.99% interest. We used the Actual Cost of Debt Calculator to calculate the amount of interest that was being paid each month. It was a ridiculously large number! So I encouraged them to apply for a 0% balance transfer credit card. This type of credit card would ensure that 100% of their payment would go towards reducing the principal. Guess what? They tried it and were approved and the balance was transferred to 0% for 12 months. In just fifteen minutes, they had reduced their interest fees by over $100/month. Over $100/month for fifteen minutes worth of effort is a pretty good paying job! That’s a savings of OVER $1,200 PER YEAR! Now they are working their way to 100% debt freedom even quicker!

Are you paying high interest on a credit card balance? If you are, why not roll over that debt to a 0% interest card so that 100% of your payments will go towards the balance owed? Having trouble finding a 0% balance transfer card? Just click HERE.

If you’ve already switched to a 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card, how much is it saving you every month?

Monday Money Tip: 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card

It’s Monday and I’m sharing another Monday Money Tip. Do you have a credit card that carries a balance every month? If yes, this money tip can literally help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year!

You can access the current listing of 0% interest card card balance transfer offers HERE.

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