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Summertime Savings & Pay-Off Spectaculars!

I am proud to introduce some summertime savings and pay-off spectaculars including my favorite: the Sun Tan Pay-Off Spectacular!

NOTE:  If you have financed your sun tan lotion, you might want to check out some of the free budget forms available HERE or by clicking "Tools" at the top right-hand corner of the page!

In addition to the fabulous [download#47#nohits], I have also added the following "Pay-Off" and "Savings" Spectaculars for summertime:

  • [download#48#nohits]
  • [download#49#nohits]
  • [download#50#nohits]
  • [download#51#nohits]
  • [download#52#nohits]
  • [download#53#nohits]
  • [download#54#nohits]
  • [download#55#nohits]
  • [download#56#nohits]
  • [download#57#nohits]

I also wanted to share a Pay-Off Spectacular that Brent and Kathryn put together!  They have put together the [download#16#nohits] to track their pay-off to an individual!  Way to go Brent and Kathryn!

Also a shout-out to Jeff and Michelle for PAYING OFF THEIR CAR and tracking their progress with a [download#10#nohits]!

I would love to see an "in action" picture of YOUR Pay-Off or Savings Spectacular!  Send it to  Who knows?  You might be featured on this wildly popular blog!

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On The Road Again. The crusade is headed to …

Avalon Church in McDonough, Georgia!  McDonough is southeast of Atlanta, and I can't WAIT to carry the crusade to Avalon Church where the pastor is Ritchie Miller.


I will be speaking during the Sunday morning services (9:00AM; 10:15AM; 11:30AM) and then teaching the Financial Learning Experience at 2:00PM!  I would love to see you there!  You can register for the Financial Learning Experience by calling Avalon Church at 770-320-7008 or by showing up and registering in person!


Find out where the crusade is headed next HERE

Interested in having me teach at your church or organization?  I LOVE taking the crusade on the road!  Contact me HERE.

Lowe’s “10% Off” Coupon

If you are moving or have recently moved, you can get a "10% Off" coupon for a purchase up to $5,000!  There are a few limitations on what you can include in the purchase, but this coupon can really help!

Jenn and I used this coupon when we were in heavy "update the house" mode last year.

Get your Lowe's "10% Off" coupon HERE.

NOTE:  I figured that if Lowe's had a 10% Off deal, then Home Depot would too.  A very short search showed that YES, Home Depot also has a very similar deal.  One can get a "10% Off" coupon from Home Depot for a purchase up to $2,000 by registering at the Home Depot moving site.  Get your Home Depot "10% Off" coupon HERE.

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LAST CHANCE: “You Pick ‘Em” Mutual Fund Game

Last chance to place your entry to the "You Pick 'Em" Mutual Fund Game for May!

To enter for your chance to win a copy of I Was Broke. Now I'm Not., a Financial Freedom Experience T-Shirt, and a blog post recognizing the your superior investing skills, just click HERE and send in your entry via the comments section!

Submission deadline is April 30, 2008 at 11:59PM.  One submission per person, and it must be a mutual fund NOT an individual stock. I reserve the right to change all rules. 🙂

Let the games begin! 

529 Plan Series: Pennsylvania’s “PA 529 Investment Plan”

Today marks another installment in the "529 Plans" series at!

Today, I will review Pennsylvania's 529 plan – the PA "529 Investment Plan".

This 529 program is managed by Upromise Investments and the investments are managed by Vanguard [I have reviewed Vanguard HERE]. 

What I Like About The PA 529 Investment Plan

  • Investment Management By Vanguard.  I really like Vanguard's performance and low expense ratios.
  • Upromise Linked.  You can link your Upromise qualifying purchases to this 529 which can help boost your savings.
  • Tax Deduction For PA Taxpayers. From the PA 529 Investment Plan website: "For each beneficiary, PA residents may deduct up to $12,000 in contributions annually from their Pennsylvania state taxable income ($24,000 if married filing jointly, provided that each spouse has taxable income of $12,000)."  If you have two children and have established two separate 529 accounts, then you can take an even larger deduction!
  • Investment Options.  There are three age-based options and ten individual investment portfolio options available.  I like choices!

What I Would Like To See Improved

  • This is a general improvement that I would like to see with all 529 plans, not just the PA 529 Investment Plan.  I would like to see an option that allows one to withdraw money from the 529 plan penalty-free if one has paid for a child's college and there is no need for the college savings plan any longer.  Right now, there is a 10% federal penalty tax if one pulls the money out of any 529 plan for anything other than qualified educational expenses.  I would like to at least have the option to roll any extra money over to a Roth IRA – free of penalties.

Read reviews of other state 529 college savings plans HERE.

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