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Are you passionate about what you do?

Are you FIRED UP about your schedule today?

I can’t believe our team gets to do what we get to do.   We get to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible every single day!   We KNOW why we are showing up to work.

Dr. John C. Maxwell says that passion will make you do things that others will not do – things that most other sane people would never attempt.   We are on a crusade to help all of America be financially free enough to do EXACTLY what they have been put on Earth to do – regardless of the income potential.

Some say it cannot be done.


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K-LOVE Morning Show Appearance Today

I was honored and privileged to appear on the K-LOVE Morning Show this morning for “National Teach Your Kids To Save Day”!

If you are arriving here as a result of that appearance, here are some links to the items we talked about.

  • All of the FREE financial tools are HERE
  • A series about teaching kids about money is HERE and HERE
  • I have written two books about money – one is for high school students and 20-somethings – titled What Everyone Should Know About Money Before They Enter The Real World
  • We also travel extensively throughout the nation teaching about personal finances.   If you are interested in having our team partner with your organization to teach personal financial principles and tools, click HERE to start the conversation.
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So blessed to have had the opportunity to appear on K-LOVE with Eric and Lisa!

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Teepees and Financial Freedom

I met an interesting character last Thursday night.   He was debt-free and loving life.   I asked him how he did it, and his response was both HILARIOUS and thought-provoking.

He said that he lived a horrible financial life for his first thirty years of life and decided that it was not working for him.   So he got rid of everything and moved into a teepee.   He lived in the teepee for two years.   Then he bought land – with cash.   On that land, he built a barn with two rooms to live in, but he had to haul water in because he did not have plumbing.   Now, he has a nice small home built on the land and is living his dream.

Oh yeah, his wife went along with all of this.   Talk about taking the core principle of working together to an entirely new level!

As I have said so many times, when you truly have an IHHE Moment (I Have Had Enough Moment), you will stop at nothing to change your situation.

Too many people are just unwilling to take the steps necessary for them to achieve financial freedom.   In this man’s own words, he said that he had people who lived in incredible homes with mountains of debt who made fun of him the entire time he lived in the teepee and the barn without running water.   They could not believe he was living that way.   He said, “Nobody is laughing now!”

Roll with it – this man is one of my new financial heroes!

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Teaching TL Hanna Freshman All Day Monday – EIGHT Times!

I have the incredible honor to invest a day in the lives of the freshman class at TL Hanna high school (the high school my daughter will attend one day).   The teaching will be based out of my newest book, What Everyone Should Know About Money Before They Enter The Real World.

I am going to teach on the top 12 things that everyone should know about money.   Topics will include:

  • Have a plan for life
  • Have a plan for the money that supports the life plan
  • Debt
  • Student loans
  • Credit scores
  • Compound interest
  • Giving
  • Saving

We get to teach the class EIGHT TIMES tomorrow.   YES!

This Weekend: Crosspoint Church – Fishers, IN

I am sitting in Starbucks in Fishers, IN right now as our team prepares to spend a great weekend with Crosspoint Church (Pastor Curt Walters).   Crosspoint Church is about three years old and the entire church is passionate about reaching their community.   This weekend, we will be training financial coaches, I will be speaking during the Sunday morning messages (9AM and 10:30AM) and then teaching the Financial Learning Experience following the 10:30AM service.

It is a full schedule, and we love it!   Can’t believe we get to partner with such great churches and businesses to equip people to accomplish far more than they ever thought possible!

If you are in the area, come on!   You can find out more HERE.

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