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SERIES: Wagon Staplers – Part Three – Accountability

In this series, I will be sharing some key wagon staplers – tools that I believe are essential to keeping one stapled to the wagon – because we all have the potential to fall off the wagon – these wagon staples’ will help keep you on the wagon even in your moments of weakness!

Part Three Establish accountability AND embrace it!

If you are wanting to lose weight and get into shape, accountability to someone else is essential.   When you know that your accountability person will be at the gym at 5AM waiting for you, the chances are much greater that you will show up!   The same is true for your finances.   When you know that you will have to drive that 100%-financed car over to your friend who is holding you accountable, you are much less likely to buy a car with 100% financing!   Even more so when that person holding you accountable is your bride!

If you are married, it should be obvious that your spouse would be your number one accountability to your financial plans!   They know your weaknesses the most, AND they can really help you stick to the plan.

It is important that the person who is going to hold you accountable also possesses the following characteristics:

  • Winning with their own money!
  • Not trying to sell you anything!
  • Available to you – so that when you are making a major financial decision, you can have ready access to their thoughts!

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