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How To Prepare For A GREAT Financial Coaching Meeting

If you have arranged for a 1-on-1 coaching meeting with one of the hundreds of financial coaches we have trained, let me give you some pointers that can help you maximize that meeting.

  • Fill out the pre-work paperwork  This will take 30 – 60 minutes, but it will really help you clarify the help you are asking for and can also help you identify potential cost savings before you ever meet with your coach.
  • Write down the questions you have PRIOR to showing up  It can be difficult to recall all of the questions you want to ask.  Grab a scratch piece of paper or your smart phone and record the questions as you think of them.
  • Bring copies of your paycheck stubs and bills with you  Guesses are not nearly as effective as KNOWING the expenses your really have.
  • Write down what frustrates you most about your finances  This can allow the coach to offer suggestions that can ease your pain.
  • Bring an open mind  This coaching session is not a “beat you up” and “embarrass you” meeting.  It is meant to help you get from “where you are” to “where you want to be.”  This means it is important to be open to suggestions to new ways of managing your money.
  • Try to prepare a budget before the appointment  This experience can really help you have a better and more informative meeting with your coach since they will not need to explain how the budget tools work.
  • Bring your spouse with you  Our coaches won’t coach couples if both don’t show up to the meeting.  If you won’t both show up, the meeting would be a waste of time any way.
  • Recognize that there will be work to do after the appointment  You must realize that the meeting is just one step of the process.
  • Recognize that you are responsible for doing the work  Your coach is passionate about helping you win with your money, but YOU have do to the heavy lifting of making it happen.  No matter how much your coach wants you to win, he/she can not take the necessary steps for you.  After all, in sports it is the players that do the work – the coach is a mentor, teacher, and guide.

I hope that this helps some of you!  If you want to set up a free coaching appointment with one of the coaches we have trained, please fill out the contact form HERE and tell us the city you live in.  We will match you up with a coach, and get you started toward taking your next financial steps.


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August US National Debt Update

The US National Debt has increased by $125,767,125,033 since our last update in July 2011. This is the first update since lawmakers in Washington came to terms on a debt deal.

National Debt as of 8/22/2011


Now that a deal is in place for the country, what is it that you are needing to do in your personal finances regain control?  Is it a drastic cut in discretionary spending?  Do you need to make a slight adjustment in spending so you can save or give more?  It is time to take your next step!  I challenge you to write down the next big step you need to take with your personal finances, and list action steps that will allow you to take that step.

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Shannon Sharpe Quotes That ROCKED Me

Recently, I was reading THIS BLOG POST written by Brian Dodd and was floored by two statements made by Shannon Sharpe as he was inducted into the NFL Football Hall of Fame.

Statement #1

“My grandmother never told me as I was getting to leave for Savannah State, ‘Shannon, don’t do drugs.  Shannon, don’t drink.  Shannon, go to class.  Shannon, do your homework.  Shannon, be respectful.  Shannon, iron your clothes.’  She laid that foundation for 18 years.  A 10-minute speech wasn’t going to work now.”

How this statement affected me:  This statement challenges me again to be the best father possible to my children.  My role is to teach, educate, and provide opportunities for my children to grow.  It encourages me to know that the hard-fought battles that every parent faces in raising their children WILL pay off in the future.  This also applies to many people with their finances. Ten minutes of good financial behavior won’t make up for 18 years of poor financial decisions.  It might be a good start, but it certainly can’t erase the results of years of financial mismanagement.

Statement #2

“I want a decent house…  I want to go bed one night, and I want God to let it rain as hard as He possibly can.  And I want Him to let it rain all night long.  I want to wake up and not be wet.” – Quote from Sharpe’s grandmother

How this statement affected me:  My life is so good.  I’ve never had to sleep in a house where I was concerned about the rain getting to me.  I HAVE slept in a tent one night during pouring rain and woke up in two inches of water – and it was MISERABLE.  I can’t imagine it being a fact of life.  Shannon honored his grandmother with this statement by recognizing the sacrifice she made so that he could be positioned to prosper.

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Do You Want To Work With Joseph Sangl?

With my acquisition of Injoy Stewardship Solutions, I need to hire a team member.  Are you THE ONE?

You might be if …

  • You want to serve on a team that is high-energy
  • You want to be a part of a team focused on excellence and growth
  • You are excited to serve churches across the globe
  • You are excited to serve people
  • You are FIRED UP about life
  • You love details and administration and computers and software and phones and Internet and social media
  • You live in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area

Take a look at the Job Posting HERE.  If you are FIRED UP after reading the job description and feel like this would be a great way to invest your life, send your resume along with three references to the following email address:

10 Random Questions To Ask Yourself About Money – Part 10

Welcome to the latest series on – 10 Random Questions To Ask Yourself About Money

These are 10 questions that have personally challenged me in my finances, and I know they can help you too!

Question 10  What is the ONE BIG THING that I need to do with my money right now?

We have spent the last 10 days talking about 10 Random Questions To Ask Yourself About Money.  It is my hope that you have been challenged and inspired to take your next big financial step.

ACTION:  Take your next step!  Write down your goal and establish a date that you want to complete it.

I would LOVE to hear your next step!  Would you take a moment to SEND IT TO ME?

Read entire series (available 8/19/2011)

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