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SERIES: Top 5 Ways To Improve ROI – Part 2

Welcome to the latest series on this wildly popular website – – “Top 5 Ways To Improve ROI”

ROI: Return On Investment

Everyone wants to receive a positive return on their investment.  We are delaying the use of our money so that we can have more money in the future – at least that is the goal.  However, many people are seeing negative ROI over the past several years.  This is why I am writing this series – to help each of you make your money earn more.  These are the top five rules I use to maximize my money, and it has worked out well for me.

Part 2  Diversify Your Investments (Don’t just think about the stock market)

Don’t think just about the stock market.  I have personally invested about 50-percent of my money into publicly-traded stocks and mutual funds, but my best returns on investment over the past ten years have occurred through private investments.  When managed correctly, rental real estate is an excellent investment that provides an immediate return through rental payments and a long term return through property value appreciation.  With the mortgage lending market in disarray, those who have money to invest can find tremendous values in the marketplace.  Other alternative investments include starting a business, investing in another’s business, land, commercial real estate, and private bond offerings.

You can see my actual investment portfolio HERE.  This investment portfolio is NOT PERFECT – there is no such thing, BUT it has certainly helped me grow my money and maximize every dollar I have.

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