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My Next 40 Years

Today is my birthday.

My 40th.

I’ve been blessed greatly during these 40 years. Here are a few of the greatest blessings:

  • Awesome parents
  • 5 incredible brothers (including an identical twin – yes, there are TWO of us!)
  • Growing up on a farm in the country
  • Learning the value of work and serving others at a very young age
  • Literally seeing the principle of “sowing & reaping” at work all around me
  • Attending Purdue University and graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Meeting my bride, Jennifer, and getting married
  • Having a daughter when doctors were skeptical it could happen – and then having a son 10 years later, and then another beautiful daughter 4 years after our son. I still can’t believe we have three children. What a blessing!
  • Attending Clemson University and graduating with a Masters of Business Administration
  • Helping start NewSpring Church back in 1999 with my crazy lunatic friend, Perry Noble, and watching it grow to more than 33,000 people per weekend
  • Starting I Was Broke. Now I’m Not.
  • Multiple fishing trips – including many to Canada where I caught a 46.5″ 28# muskie
  • Purchasing INJOY Stewardship Solutions.
  • Purchased land where I can take my children to run free and wild like I did when I was a kid
  • Living in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 different dwellings (apartments & houses) in 4 cities (2 in Indiana, 2 in South Carolina)

If I’m blessed to live 40 more years, here are some of my dreams for those years:

  • Help my children graduate college without student loan debt
  • Fund my wife’s dreams (she’s be VERY patient while I pursued many of my dreams)
  • Maximize time with family through intentional blocking out chunks of quality time with them
  • Visit the world beyond North America – including Israel, Australia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, and Argentina.
  • Serve 10,000,000 people through I Was Broke. Now I’m Not.’s personal finance and small business programs – enough to make a measurable difference in their individual situations and in the world economy.
  • Help NewSpring Church reach its goal of 100,000 people per weekend (and beyond)
  • Write 20 more books/resources/equipping classes
  • Become a trusted resource to and help influence the decisions of the United States Federal Government in such a way that we achieve a balanced budget and substantially reduce the National Debt
  • Start a university that is thriving after 40 years

Ultimately, I would love to achieve my life goal of being on the Great Wall of China when I’m 90 years old. Time will tell if I reach that goal. Check with me in 50 years.

4 monthsBy the way: Happy Birthday to my identical twin brother, Dr. John Sangl! We were 4 months old in the above picture!

How I Changed My Child’s Life In 15 Minutes

I changed my new daughter’s life in just 15 minutes time a couple of weeks ago.

That’s quite a dramatic statement, isn’t it?

But it’s true.

How did I change her life?

  • Did I move?
  • Did I decide to change careers?
  • Did I do something super drastic?

Nope. In fact, I did something you could also do to change your child’s life.

Here’s what I did:  I opened my daughter’s 529 college savings account and established automatic monthly contributions. It took a total of 15 minutes. And with that one decision and accompanying action, I changed her life.

Think about it. Because her mother and father took action when she was ZERO years old, when she is EIGHTEEN years old she won’t have to worry about:

  • Paying for college
  • Graduating with a boatload of student loans
  • Whether or not she can even afford to go to college

The magnitude of her parent’s simple decision will still be felt decades from now.

Perhaps you could take 15 minutes of your time right now to open your child’s 529 college savings account and help change their life.

10 Reasons I Love Budgeting

I love budgeting.
Let me count the ways.
My budget set me financially free.
For the rest of my days.

10 Reasons I Love Budgeting

  1. Reduced stress.
  2. Clear plan for the future.
  3. Intentional generosity.
  4. Focused savings.
  5. Anticipate future expenses.
  6. Same page as my bride.
  7. Allows me to maximize every dollar.
  8. Funded my dreams.
  9. Blessing my children.
  10. I can use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Do you love budgeting? Why?

One Change Can Be The Catalyst For Life Change

I believe most people are one or two major financial decisions away from completely changing the trajectory of their financial future.

  1. Increase investment by $200 per month. If a 25 year old were to change their monthly investment by $200, it would change their net worth by $2,352,955 by age 65. (12% growth for 40 years).
  2. Eliminate all non-house debt. This usually reduces a person’s cost of living by $500 to $1,250 per month. Suppose an individual were making $750/month in payments. $750/month would equal $9,000 per year! If this were invested and received 6% interest for 20 years, it would be worth $346,531.
  3. Keep the paid-for car for an extra four years.  Suppose the monthly car payment were $359.96 (like my first car payment). If the $359.96 were saved each of the next 48 months, it would be worth $19,475 (at 6% annual growth). No more car payments for the rest of your life!
  4. Eliminate cable TV.  At $75 per month, this can add up to quite an investment. Suppose this $75 were placed into an investment for 30 years at 12% annual growth. This would be worth $262,122.
  5. Prepare a budget. When my bride and I prepared a written budget for the first time in July 2003, we discovered more than $500 was disappearing every month for “miscellaneous cash withdrawal.” This money was utilized to intentionally eliminate debt. In 14 months, all of our debt (except the mortgage) was eliminated. In 10 years 1 month, our home was paid off. Preparing a written monthly budget every single month has been a huge part of our financial progress.

What is the one change you could make this week that could completely change the course of your financial future?

It takes tremendous courage to make a change. It will require sacrifice. It is WORTH IT.

Sad Realities About How People Manage Money

Here are some sad realities about how most people manage money:

  1. We know more about our favorite team or TV show than we know about our own financial situation.
  2. We spend more money on video games for our children than we save for their college education.
  3. We say we have plans, hopes, and dreams, but most of us never take the time to even write them down – let alone prepare a plan to accomplish them.
  4. We will spend hours planning for a Super Bowl Party but no time preparing a financial plan.
  5. We spend all of our money every month and then claim the lack of savings is someone else’s fault.
  6. We raise kids for 18 years and somehow never take the time to teach them about money management – giving, saving, investing, budgeting, compound interest, etc.

I’m committed to helping people change this reality. It’s good to have a favorite team (especially if it’s the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, and the Chicago Cubs), but not if it takes the place of ensuring my finances are in order and funding plans, hopes, and dreams. It’s awesome to have an incredible Super Bowl Party (especially if my Colts are in it), but not if I am overspending money because I didn’t have a budget.

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