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Voya’s Retirement Calculator

September 20, 2017

As part of our retirement planning series, we’re reviewing various online retirement calculators. TODAY’S FOCUS: Voya Financial’s MyOrangeMoney Retirement Calculator Key statistics: # of Questions: 5 Total Questions “How old are you?” “What’s your annual income?” “How much have you saved for retirement so far?” “How much are you saving per month today?” “How much…

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How Much Money Do You Need To Retire Well?

September 18, 2017

“How much money do you need to retire well?” This is an important question we should all be able to answer. If we don’t know, it is impossible to measure our progress. There are several excellent retirement calculators that can help you determine two key facts: Current Status Where do you stand right now? Using…

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Financial Freedom Experience opens tomorrow

September 5, 2017

Today is the day! At 9:00 AM Eastern Time, registration has officially opened for the Financial Freedom Experience! LEARN MORE: Here are all of the details and news about all of the bonuses available to early registrants. Financial Freedom Experience (the details) 10 Experiences These lessons are quick and to the point. All practical…

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A Fun Way To Track Debt Pay Off

August 31, 2017

When I was focused on paying off my debts (student loans, credit cards, truck, car, furniture, our house, and my parents), it was difficult to really “see” the progress I was making. Even though I was making extra payments on my smallest debt (using the debt snowball), the bills kept on arriving each month. I…

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Preparing for Retirement Income

August 28, 2017

We were recently asked this question, “I’m a few years out from retirement. What are some things I should be considering?” It was a great question, and one that applies to all of us. With that in mind, we decided to share our answer with everyone. As you prepare for your retirement, I encourage you…

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How to Sustain Good Financial Decisions: AUTOMATE

August 2, 2017

We’ve all had moments where we have firmly stated our resolve to do something different with our money. Usually the outburst follows a negative financial outcome. Perhaps we’ve overspent on our vacation. Maybe we have the starting realization that there is no money in the college fund for our high school senior. It could be…

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Joe is a leading teacher of personal finances. It is his passion to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.

He is the founder of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not., the president and CEO of INJOY Stewardship Solutions, and Co-Founder of Fully Funded.

Joe is a graduate of Purdue University (BS Mechanical Engineering) and Clemson University (MBA). He is the author of several books and has been featured in Money Magazine. He has been privileged to share his passion with hundreds of thousands of people throughout North America through Financial Learning Experiences, personal finance messages and one-on-one financial coaching sessions.