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Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell passed away a month ago.

I will tell you this.  Whether you agree with Falwell's positions or not, you cannot dispute the following facts.

1.  He was a man of great vision!

  • Jerry Falwell was given a God-inspired vision to reach Lynchburg, VA.  He took hold of that vision and unabashedly proclaimed from the mountain tops, streets, and anywhere ears were present to listen!
  • He was given a vision to start a university.  From its start in 1971, it has grown to over 20,000 students.

2.  He flat got it done!

  • Thomas Road Baptist Church has grown to a membership of over 22,000 people.
  • Liberty University has grown to over 20,000 students.

3.  His integrity was unquestioned!

  • With all of the heat that Jerry took from his opponents, they would have LOVED to have something on him to derail his vision.  It never happened.

4.  His family was STRONG!

  • You look at Jerry and you see his wife, sons, daughter, and grandchildren.  A tight family.  What better legacy could anyone leave than a TIGHT family?

5.  He aimed HIGH

  • He purchased the land for the university on a prayer (he didn't have the money).  By the time the note was due, the money was there.
  • He bought a MOUNTAIN for the university.  God can move mountains.  He can also give mountains!

At the end of the day, let the people say what they want or wish, but let the FACTS show that I was a great father, husband and that I took hold of the God-inspired vision given to me and DROVE it to completion!

Let the FACTS show that I had a TIGHT family.  Let the FACTS show that I got it done.  Let the FACTS show that I had unquestionable integrity.  Let the FACTS show that I aimed high.

Thank you, Dr. Jerry Falwell, for a life well-lived.

Should I replace my car?

Well, my 10-year old car is starting to make decisions that could alter our relationship.

First, she decided to die in the middle of my 10-year anniversary evening.  As you can see in the comments to this post, my MOTHER actually wrote a comment telling me to dump the car.  The car's brakes went out.  When Jenn went to get the oil changed and tires aligned, they made her sign a waiver because the oil wouldn't register on the stick and the tires were too worn to align.  While at the oil changing joint, someone HIT the car.  Now, the stupid vent fan won't operate again in the low setting (I've had this problem before – $19 fixes it).

Total expenses since September 2006 have been around $1,200 (around $120/month).

I was wondering, if your 66-year-old mother tells you "ON THE INTERNET" "THROUGH YOUR BLOG" to get rid of the car, should you?

UPDATE TO STORY:  You won't believe the rest of this story.  More on this in the next couple of weeks.

Financial Learning Experience – Thoughts

The Financial Learning Experience at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC last night was AWESOME!!!

I am PUMPED UP by the fact that 272 people attended and had the opportunity to learn the actual tools that Jenn and I used to win with our finances!

Here are my thoughts about last night:

  • 272 adults attended FOR FREE
  • 77 children were cared for FOR FREE
  • NewSpring volunteers are awesome!
  • Lives were changed last night – no doubt about it
  • Everyone who was there CAN achieve freedom from debt and win with their money
  • The stage set-up was awesome – stripped down and simple – this is something we can definitely take on the road with us!
  • The NewSpring staff works well together to pull off great events
  • On-line signups work great
  • I made it – even after having triple hernia repair surgery 7 days prior!  When you are on a crusade, you sometimes have to play hurt!
  • I love getting to do what I was made to do!
  • I-O=EZ – Never forget it!

Financial Learning Experience TONIGHT!!!

TONIGHT is the Financial Learning Experience at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC.

It is FREE!  It has FREE childcare!  It will change your life!

Sign up HERE.  Sign up your parents!  Sign up your spouse!  Sign up your children!  Sign up your neighbor!  Sign up your friends!  This is open to the entire community!  If you are within 3 hours of Anderson, SC, you should register and get into your car and come over for an evening that might just change your financial future FOREVER!

The Financial Learning Experience takes road trips!  Interested in bringing the Financial Learning Experience to your church or business?  Contact Joe HERE!

Financial Learning Experience – Anderson, SC!!!

I am PUMPED about the Financial Learning Experience that is being held at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC TOMORROW, June 26, 6:30PM – 8:30PM.

It is FREE!  Childcare is provided for FREE!  It is open to ANYONE in the community!!!

If you are within a three-hour radius and want to take your personal finances to the next level, you need to be at NewSpring Church TOMORROW evening!!!  Bring your friends!!!  Bring your spouse!!!  Bring your parents!!!  Bring your children!!!

To register for the FREE class, sign up HERE.

The Financial Learning Experience takes road trips!  Interested in bringing the Financial Learning Experience to your church or business?  Contact Joe HERE!