Bishop T.D. Jakes “Positioning Yourself To Prosper”

I just finished listening to Bishop Jakes speaking in the series "Positioning Yourself To Prosper"

You need to listen to this!!!

Below is a list of things I wrote down while listening:

  • Sometimes it feels funny to share how God is blessing you => Like we should be ashamed or something.
  • Why don't we need classes on "How To Be Poor?" FUNNY!
  • God blesses people through premier relationships
  • The fact that young people have to start out with no money is a CURSE!
  • If I catch you in a paycheck cashing place, I'll shoot your tires out!
  • You better not let me catch you with a rent-to-own TV!
  • If I sound angry about this (people's financial condition), it is because I am!

Words that come to mind when summarizing this series are – challenging, inspiring, motivating, action, thankful

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