How to Grow Your Personal Finances Even in Ministry

Quick note about the Propel Conference. It’s an event for pastors and teams at churches under 300.

I am going to be one of the featured speakers and I will be talking about how to grow your personal finances even in ministry.

This event is going to be so helpful to you and your team along with all of the other session at Propel this year.

Important Note:

Early registration ends in a few days so this is your last chance to get your entire team registered for only $97.

After that the price goes up from there.

Click Here to Register Your Team at the Lowest Rate

Last year they had over 1000 pastors and staff members attend and this year it’s going to be even bigger.

Me and my team will be watching the event and we would love to have yours attend as well. It’s all online so no travel is required.

If you want to grow yourself, your team and your church, I can’t recommend the Propel Conference enough.

Register Here

See You There!

P.S. Early Registration ends in a few days!

Become A Trained Financial Coach!


One of the biggest reasons the crusade is able to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible is because we have trained Financial Coaches all over the country.   When we partner with a church or organization for a live event, we teach valuable principles and tools that equip people and provide them with hope and inspiration.   But at the end of the day, we have to travel back home.

It is the Financial Coaches we train that provide the ongoing 1-on-1 help and assistance people need for their individual financial situations.   Helping people put together a plan and showing them HOW they can win with their money is the most important thing, and Financial Coaches make it possible.

You might be interested in becoming a financial coach as well, but haven’t had the opportunity to go through our live training.   The reason is usually we either haven’t been to your area or your church hasn’t launched a financial ministry yet.   It might be that your church has been waiting for someone like you to step up and start the financial ministry!

Do you want to be a vital part of this crusade to help others win with their money?   Are you winning with the management of your own personal finances, and are passionate about helping others accomplish the same?   We are PUMPED to introduce you to possibly the most life-giving and joy-filled opportunity you may ever find:

Become trained to be a financial coach!

For only the second time EVER, we are making it possible for the right people to become a part of the crusade no matter where they live!   The Financial Coaching Experience will be taught LIVE ONLINE on SATURDAY, January 15th, from 9AM to 3PM Eastern Time!   If you are interested in this opportunity, fill out the application form below to be signed up for an on-line (of course!) informational meeting where we will share the details of the training and answer any questions you may have.

This is a LIMITED OPPORTUNITY because we can only train ten people at a time.   Fill out the form below NOW to reserve your spot in the informational meeting being held on-line next Tuesday, January 11, at 11:00AM Eastern Time.


On-Line Financial Coaching Experience

DATE:   Saturday, January 15, 2011

TIME:   9AM – 3PM


COST: $295 – includes all materials


  • Passionate about helping others win with money
  • Winning with your own money
  • Committed to providing financial coaching to those in your community

Training Includes:

  • Step by step process for launching your own financial coaching
  • Hands-on application of the tools with real-world scenarios
  • Access to the I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Team
  • Access to the tools and documents that can be revised to suit your organization’s needs
  • All necessary materials
  • The opportunity to network with others who are becoming financial coaches
  • A Certificate of Completion

First Name
Last Name
Email *

Can’t see the form?   Click HERE to access it directly on the web.

Already KNOW that you want to participate?   You can register NOW by clicking below (or by clicking HERE):


Savings Workshop – Greenville, SC – THURSDAY

Just two days left until the savings workshop takes place in Greenville.     There are still a few slots left for anyone who wants to use the coupon code HALF and register for only $5 instead of $10.   It is going to be a great time where you can learn the methods I use all the time to save money on just about anything I buy.   The Saving Freak/Grocery Freak will be leading this money saving class!

Here is what I know.   If you apply the tools taught in the Savings Workshop, you will save more than $1,000/year!   You will learn how to save money on groceries, dining out, travel, cell phone service, on-line shopping, shopping at department stores, insurance, and many more items.   It will definitely help you save on your Christmas shopping that you haven’t started yet.   To sign up just go to the registration page and make sure to use the code HALF to get half off the regular price.

John Maxwell & Stewardship Challenge Conference

On August 18 and 20, I had the privilege and honor of speaking along with Dr. John Maxwell, Pastor Brian Tome, and Pastor Steven Furtick at the Stewardship Challenge Conferences held in Cincinnati, OH and Charlotte, NC.

On October 15th and November 9th, two more of these outstanding conferences will be happening.  If you are in church leadership or are leading stewardship for your church, this is one event you do not want to miss.  I PROMISE that you will be challenged AND equipped to address stewardship challenges in new and effective ways!

On October 15th, the Stewardship Challenge will be in ORLANDO, Florida!

On November 9th, we will be in BALTIMORE, Maryland!

At each event, Dr. John Maxwell, Dr. Rick Campbell, and I will be speaking.  In Orlando, Pastor Tom Mullins will be the guest speaker.  In Baltimore, Bishop Walter Thomas will be the guest speaker.

Click HERE to learn more and to register.

I would love to see you there!  I can't wait!

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Financial Counselor Training

I am planning the next Financial Counseling Experience, and this week I will be finalizing the next training date.

The Financial Counseling Experience is a one-day experience where I teach the exact process that we use at NewSpring Church to provide one-on-one financial counseling FREE to over 500 people each year.

The great thing is that we are now able to open up the FCE to others who are interested in starting financial counseling ministries at their church or business.  In fact, we had 31 people from 14 churches at the last FCE!

Let me ask some questions:

  • Have you won with your money?
  • Do you love helping others put together plans that help them win with money?
  • Are you passionate about reaching your community in a real and tangible way?
  • Do you want to help start a financial counseling ministry?

If so, then the Financial Counseling Experience is a great place to get it started!

Through the FCE, you will:

  • Participate in a Financial Learning Experience
  • Learn the process we use for establishing appointments
  • Learn the process used to ensure that counselees show up prepared and ready for a life-changing meeting
  • Learn the process used during the appointment to ensure a consistent counseling experience
  • Apply real-life examples in hands-on activities – there is nothing like practical application
  • Review real-life scenarios in a "what would you do?" shared discussion
  • Be a part of a network of people who are all starting their own financial counseling ministry
  • Be challenged to take the next step and begin a financial counseling ministry at your church!

The entire event will take place at NewSpring's Anderson Campus and will cost only $50/person for the entire day.  This cost includes all materials, breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

If you are interested in attending the next FCE training, contact me HERE.  You will be contacted directly when the date is established.