PODCAST: I Was Broke. Now I’m Not.

I do not know if you have checked out the "I Was Broke. Now I'm Not." podcast recently, but perhaps you should.

Top Five Reasons to check out the podcast

  1. It averages seven minutes in length.  Never longer than ten minutes.
  2. I always answer a question asked by one of the readers.
  3. I always share a success story sent in by one of the readers.
  4. It is free.
  5. You might hear me yell, holler, and scream because I am so FIRED UP about what is happening through this crusade!

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Church/Business Leaders

This is a first for me, so here goes …

On August 16, I want to have a roundtable discussion about teaching people about personal finances.

It looks like I will complete counseling for over 450 people for this year, and that pumps me up!  However, I am confident that I need to learn more!!!

So here's the deal, August 16th at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC, this roundtable will take place.  I can accommodate up to ten people who are church/business leaders and are passionate about helping others with their personal finances.


10:00AM  Walkthrough of the process I am using to teach people about personal finances

12:00PM  Sit it on one session of the Financial Freedom Class (lunch provided)

1:30PM  Open Discussion

3:00PM  Meeting over

To throw your name into the hat, contact me HERE.  In the contact form, please tell me your name, your position, and why you are interested in participating.

I'm looking forward to it!!!

Looking for additional Personal Finance Resources?  You can obtain free tools by clicking HERE and purchase books/materials by clicking HERE.

Financial Learning Experience!

Last night was simply amazing!!!  I had the opportunity to teach the tools that Jenn and I used to obtain financial freedom to over 350 people!  It was awesome!

I was able to swim in credit cards last night.  If anyone has a picture of that, I want it!  It was totally unplanned, but it just felt right.

I was able to show people how to calculate their debt freedom date.  You can do it as well!  I have loaded the Debt Freedom Calculator under "Tools".

I was also able to show people how to spend all of their money on paper before the month actually begins.  There is POWER in putting this plan TOGETHER BEFORE the month ever begins.  You can obtain a blank budget and start doing this for your family as well.  Just click on "Tools" above.

We took the time to write out the reasons we want to be financially successful and write down goals that we want to achieve.  For many people in the room, it was the first time that our dreams were written down on paper!  For many people, it was the first time in years that they have been able to even dream!

We calculated how much money we will need in our retirement funds to be able to retire, and once again we observed the power of compound interest.  It IS the 8th wonder of the world!  $100/month for 40 years @ 12% annual growth is $1,176,477.  The money invested is $48,000, but the value is $1,176,477.  WOW!

At the end of the Financial Learning Experience, everyone completed a survey.  I wanted to share some comments that were made because they have rocked my world and are THE REASON I do what I do.

What are you going to do as a result of what you learned tonight?

  • Do a budget plan with my husband for the 1st time in 32 years.  (WOW!) 
  • Work on our finances together
  • Change our lives
  • Start tonight 
  • Plan a financial goal tonight
  • Calculate my debt freedom date
  • Start investing
  • Share with my wife
  • Work with my husband on our finances
  • Make a budget
  • Share the information with husband and children (wow!)
  • Sign up for the 5 week class
  • Stop adding new debt

To those who attended the FLE tonight, THANK YOU!  I am so PROUD of the HUGE step you made tonight to learn more on how to improve your finances.  This was a HUGE step.  Do you know that over 690 people signed up for the FLE, but only 350 showed up.  Why?  Because it is TOUGH to face the dragons!  This is emotional.

Never stop pursuing education about this!  Don't give up after one month of budgeting.  The 1st month is the toughest.  You CAN do it.