Financial Counselor Training

I am planning the next Financial Counseling Experience, and this week I will be finalizing the next training date.

The Financial Counseling Experience is a one-day experience where I teach the exact process that we use at NewSpring Church to provide one-on-one financial counseling FREE to over 500 people each year.

The great thing is that we are now able to open up the FCE to others who are interested in starting financial counseling ministries at their church or business.  In fact, we had 31 people from 14 churches at the last FCE!

Let me ask some questions:

  • Have you won with your money?
  • Do you love helping others put together plans that help them win with money?
  • Are you passionate about reaching your community in a real and tangible way?
  • Do you want to help start a financial counseling ministry?

If so, then the Financial Counseling Experience is a great place to get it started!

Through the FCE, you will:

  • Participate in a Financial Learning Experience
  • Learn the process we use for establishing appointments
  • Learn the process used to ensure that counselees show up prepared and ready for a life-changing meeting
  • Learn the process used during the appointment to ensure a consistent counseling experience
  • Apply real-life examples in hands-on activities – there is nothing like practical application
  • Review real-life scenarios in a "what would you do?" shared discussion
  • Be a part of a network of people who are all starting their own financial counseling ministry
  • Be challenged to take the next step and begin a financial counseling ministry at your church!

The entire event will take place at NewSpring's Anderson Campus and will cost only $50/person for the entire day.  This cost includes all materials, breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

If you are interested in attending the next FCE training, contact me HERE.  You will be contacted directly when the date is established.

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