Savings Workshop – Greenville, SC – THURSDAY

Just two days left until the savings workshop takes place in Greenville.     There are still a few slots left for anyone who wants to use the coupon code HALF and register for only $5 instead of $10.   It is going to be a great time where you can learn the methods I use all the time to save money on just about anything I buy.   The Saving Freak/Grocery Freak will be leading this money saving class!

Here is what I know.   If you apply the tools taught in the Savings Workshop, you will save more than $1,000/year!   You will learn how to save money on groceries, dining out, travel, cell phone service, on-line shopping, shopping at department stores, insurance, and many more items.   It will definitely help you save on your Christmas shopping that you haven’t started yet.   To sign up just go to the registration page and make sure to use the code HALF to get half off the regular price.

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