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Church Leaders: Atlanta Area Stewardship Conference – May 11

I am excited about the upcoming Stewardship Challenge Conference being hosted by Mountain Lake Church in Cumming, GA (Pastor Shaun Lovejoy) for the following reasons.

  • Dr. John Maxwell will be speaking – twice. There is a reason why people have purchased more than 18,000,000 books – this man is extremely gifted in communicating and equipping leaders.   Stewardship is one of his passions.
  • Pastor Shaun Lovejoy will be speaking. He planted Mountain Lake Church and also leads – an organization dedicated to equipping those who are considering launching or have already launched a church – and guess what?   One of the biggest challenges faced by young churches is financial need and stewardship.   I PROMISE YOU, you will learn a lot from Shaun.
  • I have the honor of talking about equipping people to win with their money. I know it may surprise you, but I am passionate about helping people get their money in order so that they can accomplish far more than they ever thought possible.   I relish every single opportunity that I have to share on this topic!
  • Q & A You will be provided an opportunity for Q&A with Dr. Maxwell, Pastor Lovejoy, and members of the Injoy Stewardship Solutions team.   There is nothing like being able to share your particular stewardship challenge and hear the thoughts of such incredibly gifted leaders as to how they might address it.

You can learn more and register HERE.

I believe that every single church leader would benefit greatly from the teaching during this conference.

Booking the fall schedule

Our team is building the fall schedule, and we want to come teach the Financial Learning Experience and train Financial Coaches at your church or business!   If you are interested in having our team partner with your organization, contact us HERE and select “Speaking Request”.   We will set up a phone call to talk about your needs and then work to provide a solution that helps equip your church community or employees to win with their financial resources.

We are passionate about equipping others to accomplish far more than they ever thought possible.

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Save For Emergencies

I heard on this evening’s news that a local factory in South Carolina is having to reduce the hours of its employees because of the volcano eruption in Iceland.   This means reduced pay.   I hope that the employees have saved money to cover this work slowdown.

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to save money for emergencies.   You never know when the emergency will happen.

Have you saved up money to prepare for a volcano eruption (or any other emergency that can happen)?

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SERIES: Lessons Learned While Starting A Small Business – Part 4

Welcome to the latest series on – Lessons Learned While Starting A Small Business.   Starting a small business can be tremendously exciting and frightening at the same time.   One of the most common trends that we see among small business owners is that they are very good at providing their product or service, but they are not so skilled at the business side of doing business.   This series will focus on some of the key lessons we have learned from meeting with many small business owners as well as truths we have learned as we have built a small business.

Part Four – Growing a business without debt requires great amounts of patience.

There are many costs associated with starting a small business, and it is very enticing to use debt to pay for them.   I have made a commitment, however, to grow my business without any debt.   I believe that I could certainly grow a business faster by using debt, but I also know that it can be harder to sleep at night when one has signed up for a tremendous amount of debt.   In my personal budget, I have found that our commitment to live without incurring debt causes us to seek out better deals, save money more consistently, and simplifies our lives by reducing financial stress.   I have discovered that this is also true with the business.

I must say that I have been tempted to obtain debt – on more than one occasion.   But each time I consider doing so, something about my past experiences with debt causes me to pause and consider why I want to obtain debt.   It forces me to ask myself this question, “Is this expense really necessary and is there another solution that would allow us to avoid debt?”       To this point, we have always found a way to avoid debt.   Sometimes it has meant that we have to press the “pause” button on a project (that stinks!).   Other times, it has meant that we have discovered an amazingly better alternative solution!

One of our fundamental business principles we operate by is this:   If we operate with cash in the bank and zero debt, we will have a sustainable business that will impact millions of people – and our team will be able to sleep at night without piles of debt hanging over us!

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Financial Learning Experience – Cleveland, OH

This weekend, our team was able to travel to Cleveland, OH to teach at Bethel Cleveland Church (Pastor Steve Witt).   We were able to teach the Financial Learning Experience on Friday evening to a tremendous group of people who were passionate about taking their finances to the next level!   Today, we were able to train 25 financial coaches through our Financial Counseling Experience – all six hours of it (and they still got home in time for the Cavaliers’ game).   Tomorrow, I have the privilege of delivering the morning messages at both campuses.

Have I said lately that I can’t believe I get to do this?

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