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December Events

I am PUMPED about the December events that the IWBNIN Team has planned.

This will be the first time that the crusade will venture into the great city of Chicago! 

Lifepoint Church – Wilmington, NC 

12/6  Morning  Financial Counseling Training (FCE)

12/6  5:00PM  Financial Learning Experience at Event (Register HERE)

12/7  Speaking at Lifepoint (9:00AM & 11:00AM)

The Chapel – Grayslake Campus – Chicago, IL

12/14  2:00PM  Financial Learning Experience

Will you be at one of them?

I can not believe what is happening with this crusade!  I am continually blown away by the blessings God has poured out on this thing.

Tomorrow I will be announcing some of the cities that the crusade will travel to in the first quarter of 2009.  Here's a hint …  It will probably travel to a city near you.

Black Friday Random Thoughts

I am NOT one of those people who get up at an insane hour to go Christmas shopping.  If there is an incredible deal, I try to rope one of my insane family members into picking it up for me.

If you ARE one of the crazies – good luck with your adventure today (or I hope you had a great adventure today – you probably are reading this well after you went shopping).

Here are random thoughts I have right now:

  • The Big Ten needs a football championship game.  Six weeks off before the bowl game is ridiculous.  I nominate Notre Dame to join the Big Ten (making it the Big Twelve – but that is already taken – so lets name it the Big Dozen Conference)
  • If you have any money left from Black Friday shopping, the 10 for $100 IWBNIN Book Christmas Special can be a good gift to pick up for everyone on your list.
  • I love the entire time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • I am going to hire a financial counselor in 2009.  Who will it be?
  • Huge steps are being taken with the crusade, and it is overwhelming.  I am glad to be overwhelmed with opportunities.
  • The crusade is traveling to Wilmington, NC (12/6 – 12/7) and Chicago, IL (12/14) in December.  Will I see you there?
  • I love hanging out with my family.
  • I have to run 18 miles tomorrow as part of my marathon training.  I will be running with one of my brothers who is going to run the marathon with me in January.
  • The run tomorrow is in Indiana and when my brother told me where we were running to, it really put the distance in perspective.  We are running PAST the town and back!  Oh. My. Goodness.
  • The crusade needs crusaders.  Lots of them.  Crusaders who are all out sold out to helping equip others to win with their money.  I have LOTS of opportunities available for folks to serve at all of the NewSpring Campuses.  There are also LOTS of opportunities at each location that the crusade travels to.  If you are interested in serving, contact Katie Bailey HERE.
  • Thanksgiving leftovers are the BEST!  Turkey.  Duck.  Dressing.  Brown Gravy.  Salt.  Pepper.  Noodles.  Olives.  Pickles.

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Known, Upcoming Expenses

I was recently asked for a list of common Known, Upcoming Non-Monthly Expenses, and I thought I would share the list with you.

  • Christmas
  • Vacation
  • Car Maintenance and Repairs
  • Home Repairs
  • Property Taxes (House, Cars, Boats, etc.)
  • Medical Insurance Deductible
  • Annual Membership Dues/Fees
  • Annual/Semi-Annual/Quarterly Insurance Premiums
  • Home Schooling Expenses
  • Gifts (Anniversary, Birthdays, Weddings, Babies)

I save all of this money in an Online Savings account that pays great interest, has no minimum balance, and is FDIC-insured.  I have money in three different online banks.  You can check them out HERE.  You can even set up these accounts to automatically draft you checking account on a monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly basis!  NICE!

What other Known, Upcoming Non-Monthly Expenses would you add?

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Feed The Pig

Has anyone seen the TV commercials with the talking guy dressed up as a pig and saying "Feed Me"?

It always ends with a fade-to-black and promotes a website –

Well, it worked because I went and checked it out.  I think it is a good site!

All this great stuff is part of a national campaign sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and The Advertising Council. The goal of the campaign is to encourage and help Americans aged 25 to 34 to take control of their personal finances.

You can check out their site HERE.

RedPlum – Free Coupons

I have been learning how to use to save a ton on my grocery bill.  This service is FREE, and it matches discounted products with coupons that have been published in the Sunday newspaper.

I noticed that the Sunday coupons are produced by a couple of different companies.  One is from RedPlum.  I was preparing to write about, and I decided to search the internet to see if RedPlum had a website.

Do they ever!!!  They have a website that is chock full of great coupons and moneysaving tips.

Check it out HERE.  I can see several ways that this is going to save me money, and I am PUMPED!

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