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Pay Now Play Later OR Play Now Pay Later

“You can pay now and play later OR you can play now and pay later.   Either way you have to pay.”

John Maxwell shared this thought while at the Stewardship Challenge conference in Baltimore, MD on November 9th.

I have thought a lot about his statement ever since.   It sums up the facts so well!

I have met tons of people who have chosen to “pay now” who share these characteristics:

  • Live on less than they earn
  • Choose to invest for retirement and long-term dreams every month
  • Save up for known upcoming non-monthly expenses (like Christmas, property taxes, vacation and annual insurance premiums)

Because they are “paying” now, they are going to be able to “play” later!

There are others who have chosen to “play” first, and it was fun while it lasted!   Now the time has come to “pay”, and it is not so fun.

The choice is ours to make.   Will we pay now and play later OR will we play now and pay later?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!   I am extremely thankful for the blessings in my life.

Here is a short list of just some of the things I am thankful for:

  • My family – all of them (all five brothers, my parents, my in-laws)
  • Great health for my entire family
  • My wife
  • My daughter
  • My unborn son (due to arrive in early February)
  • A crusade (instead of a J.O.B.)
  • Partners who believe in this crusade
  • A great church
  • Turkeys!
  • Friendships

What are YOU thankful for?

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Black Friday – Avoid debt!

Black Friday is a day that has come to represent a chance to obtain nice purchases at greatly reduced prices.

Here’s the deal, though.   I have NEVER seen ANYONE save money by spending money.   I have heard people say, “I bought this TV for $600, and I saved $300!”   They did not SAVE $300 – they SPENT $600!!!!

It is an old marketing trick to tell the consumer about how much money they are saving when in reality they are spending a lot of money.   In others, they want you to feel good about giving them your money!

On Black Friday, get a great deal for your money, but avoid debt!   Most people that end up financing their Black Friday purchases will end up paying more in interest and finance charges than they “saved” on the purchase.

What are you going to be buying on Black Friday?

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Links and Articles To Read

Here are some great articles and links that I have read recently:

What are some great articles you have read lately?

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Christmas 2009 Specials

I am FIRED UP by what is happening with this crusade to help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible! We are seeing record crowds of people attending our Financial Learning Experiences, savings workshops and we are pumped about the number of resources that are being sold.   Because of this, we are fulfilling our mission of teaching others and helping them go do EXACTLY what they have been put on Earth to do – regardless of the income potential!

This crusade is expanding because people like you are sharing these resources and FREE TOOLS with others!   To thank you for your investment in this huge mission, we have some discounted resource offers available for the Christmas season.

Specials have expired.   Click HERE to view current specials and all of our offers.

TV Appearance: Your Carolina

I had the opportunity to appear on the Your Carolina TV show with Jack and Kimberly on Wednesday.

You can check it out HERE.

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TV Appearance: Wednesday AM Your Carolina

It is rumored that the crusade will be making an appearance on TV tomorrow morning on the Your Carolina show with Jack and Kimberly.

I will be talking about the upcoming release of my new book, What Everyone Should Know About Money Before They Enter THE REAL WORLD, which will begin shipping on December 15 (Pre-Order HERE).

This ought to be FUN!

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1,084 – NEW RECORD!

Over the last two nights, we had record attendance for the Financial Learning Experience at The Cove in Mooresville, NC.   On Monday night we had 537 people in attendance.   Tonight, we had 547 people.   That is a total of 1,084 people!

I am BLOWN AWAY and extremely humbled that so many people would give up their time to come to a FINANCE CLASS.   It is my passion to help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.

This whole crusade started off with passion, a burden, and a clear call.   Anyone who has been saddled with a deep burden KNOWS what that feels like – and how joyful it is when you see your vision become reality.   Thank you to everyone at The Cove for an amazing two days – now the journey begins to take your finances to the next level!

Simply amazing.

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FLE – The Cove – 537 People

I have the tremendous HONOR to teach the Financial Learning Experience at The Cove in Mooresville, NC for two nights in a row.   I taught the first one tonight, and …

  • 537 people showed up!
  • People were equipped to win with their money – using the FREE TOOLS on this wildly popular website
  • Life-change happened!
  • I have the privilege of teaching the FLE again tomorrow night
  • AND …

YES!!!   I can’t believe I get to do this stuff for a living!!!

Savings Workshop – Mooresville, NC

The Saving Freak is teaching the Savings Workshop in Mooresville, NC on Monday, November 23rd.

This workshop will teach people how to save money on nearly everything they buy including groceries, dining out, insurance, on-line shopping, department store shopping, travel, and much more!   The average attendee will save more than $125/month by applying the tips taught during this class.

Cost: $10

Register: Click HERE

Where: Charles Mack Citizen Center – Merchant Room

When: Monday, November 23, 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Seating is limited to 100 people total – so reserve your ticket today!

New Book For Youth – Preorder Today!

WESKAM Cover Front 01

I am PUMPED that my new book, What Everyone Should Know About Money Before They Enter THE REAL WORLD, will be released on December 15th!

I wrote this book because a lot of our current resources and events are focused on helping people FIX and CURE financial mistakes.   This is extremely necessary and I am PASSIONATE about helping people who are hurting and in tough financial predicaments, BUT we had very few materials to help educate young people and help PREVENT financial mistakes.

So I embarked on a journey to capture all of the things I wish I had known before I entered THE REAL WORLD.   I even asked you, the readers, to contribute your thoughts – and you did!

What resulted is a book that I am extremely proud of and am excited to release in December – What Everyone Should Know About Money Before They Enter THE REAL WORLD.   It will begin shipping December 15 – in plenty of time for Christmas!

Cost: $12.99

Pre-order your copies below:

Discounts available for bulk purchases – contact the IWBNIN team HERE

The Cove Church – Mooresville, NC – Financial Learning Experience

I am PUMPED to be teaching the Financial Learning Experience at The Cove Church in Mooresville, NC each of the next two evenings – Monday (11/16) and Tuesday (11/17)!

The event is FREE, childcare is provided through 5th grade, and a light dinner will be provided.   All you have to do is REGISTER HERE.   So invite your friends, co-worker and family to attend this life-changing event!


We are now PUMPED to offer our class for YOUTH – in fact, it will be taught at The Cove Church on Wednesday night!   This new class is based on my new book, What Everyone Should Know About Money Before They Enter THE REAL WORLD which will begin shipping December 15th – preorders will begin tomorrow!

We are super-excited about this new class because we can focus on PREVENTING financial mistakes instead of CURING them!   YES!   If you are interested in booking this class for your church, school, or business, contact our team HERE.

SERIES: Fundamental Rules Of Money Management V

In this series, I have been sharing some thoughts on some fundamental rules of money management that are time-tested and known to be true.   If applied, these rules can help you take your finances to the next level.

Rule #5 If it sounds too good to be true, it is most likely a scam.

Call me cynical, but most “too good to be true” and “get rich quick” ideas are great ways to throw money away.   It would be better to just set fire to your money.   I remember a day several years ago when this “great deal” presented itself to me.   “All you need is $1,000,” I was told.   Once I would turn in my $1,000 (it was required in cash – hello? – can you smell the scam cooking?), I would secure a slot.   Once eight other people gave $1,000 under my slot, I would receive $8,000.   Little did I know that I was being introduced to a pure form of a Ponzi scheme.

It seemed like everyone was jumping in.   I know several of my co-workers did.   It was a “hurry, hurry, hurry” mentality.   “If you don’t jump in NOW,” I was told, “you will lose the opportunity.”   This was back when I was busy writing the “I Was Broke” part of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. so I did not even have $1,000 if I wanted to participate.

You already know what happened.   The folks running the scheme took all of the money and vanished from town – never to be heard from again.

Here is what I have discovered – when you are B-R-O-K-E, you are way more susceptible to get-rich-quick schemes and scams.

Be calm.   Be patient.   Use the real power of compound interest to fund your hopes, plans and dreams.

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Demand A DEAL!

Back when I was B-R-O-K-E, I always paid retail price for nearly everything.   It was one of the key reasons we were broke.

Now, I am always looking for a deal because it MAXIMIZES every dollar I earn.   Over the past year, I have been blown away by how much money can be saved on groceries by using coupons and matching them with discounted products.

Here are some of my recent shopping trips (I shared these real-time on Twitter):

  • Publix   Bill: $36.15   Paid: $12.95
  • Bloom   Bill: $45.60   Paid: $14.13
  • Bloom   Bill: $60.95   Paid: $17.73
  • Publix   Bill: $29.74   Paid: $8.13
  • Publix   Bill: $35.00   Paid: $11.00

It does take about one extra hour a week to prepare for my shopping trip, but it is WORTH IT!   I am using lists from The Grocery Freak, Southern Saver, and Coupon Mom.

Here is an example that I had today at Publix.   I bought Blueberry Special K cereal because it was BOGO (buy one, get one free).   Publix does not force me to purchase two of the items – it is really 50% off.   Instead of $3.99, the product became $1.99.   I had a $1 off coupon.   That made the box of cereal 75% off – $0.99!   You CAN do this!   Maximize your money!

Our team (specifically – The Saving Freak) has developed a workshop called the Saving Freak Workshop that we are taking throughout the nation over the next year.   It shows people how to save money on nearly everything they buy.   If you are interested in having this class at your business, community center, chamber of commerce, or church – CONTACT our team HERE.   There are several spots still available in the next month and a half!

FYI – We are hosting our own event in Mooresville, NC on 11/23/2009 at 6:30PM.

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The Crusade Is Growing!

I am PUMPED about what is happening with this crusade to help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances!

This month, we will set a record for the number of events hosted by our team.   In fact, three of the events will happen without me even being there.   That’s right.   I won’t even be there!   This crusade has grown so much that I have taken the steps to clone myself … 🙂

If you recover from the last statement, I really have not cloned myself (God already did that when he made me with an identical twin).   I have, however, been training up other leaders to teach our classes.   I will be introducing you to several of our team members over the next couple of months, but I wanted to take this post to say THANK YOU.

I am THANKFUL because you have taken the time to invest in this crusade.   You may have purchased a copy of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. or its related Group Study.   You have probably attended one of our live teaching events – the Financial Learning Experience or Financial Freedom Experience.   You might have become a trained financial counselor through our Financial Counseling Experience.

You might have even decided to lead an entire team of people through the I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Group Study.   You agreed to help those individuals walk through tough financial decisions, wrestle with financial disasters, or marital conflicts.

I want to say THANK YOU.   Thank you for allowing my team to serve you as we partner together to provide practical and relevant financial teaching!

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