Greatest Thing I’ve Learned From … Jeffrey J. Fox

Welcome to the latest series here at – Greatest Thing I’ve Learned From …   In this series, I am going to be sharing the greatest things I’ve learned from financial and leadership experts.   I hope you enjoy the series and will join in the conversation to share your favorite learnings from these leaders!

Greatest Thing I’ve Learned From … Jeffrey J. Fox

I was introduced to a book written by Jeffrey J. Fox when I was an up-and-coming manager for a Fortune 500 company and had just been promoted to the next position (in the next facility, in the next town, …)   The book was titled How To Become CEO – The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization.   My current leader gave me this book, and it greatly affected me.

I know that I have the greatest “thing” that I have learned, but this one requires a couple of “things” I have learned.

Avoid Staff Jobs, Seek Line Jobs

In other words, Fox was saying, “Do work that helps the company make money.”   It is a lot harder to be fired when you have a definitive and tangible link to helping a company make money.   This increases your value and positions you for growth.

Send Handwritten Notes

Be personable.   Be real.   Let people know when they do great work.   A handwritten note trumps verbal praise, congratulatory emails, and bonuses – combined.   When was the last time you received a handwritten thank you?   When was the last time you sent one?

Jeffrey J. Fox has written several books similar to this one.   Have you read any of them?   What are your thoughts?

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