SERIES: Top 5 Ways To Improve ROI – Part 4

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ROI: Return On Investment

Everyone wants to receive a positive return on their investment.  We are delaying the use of our money so that we can have more money in the future – at least that is the goal.  However, many people are seeing negative ROI over the past several years.  This is why I am writing this series – to help each of you make your money earn more.  These are the top five rules I use to maximize my money, and it has worked out well for me.

Part 4  Conduct Trades On-Line

Brokerage commissions and fees can consume substantial portions of an investment’s return – especially when one accounts for the fact that the fees continue even when the market value drops.  My father recently began trading on-line and was floored by how easy it was to use the trading websites.  It used to cost him $75 for his broker to conduct a trade.  Now, it costs less than $10 and happens immediately.

I personally use Sharebuilder for my on-line trading platform, but all of the on-line trading platforms like Scottrade, E*Trade, and TDAmeritrade are great as well.  There are numerous ways to learn more about how to invest in stocks and bonds, and it is important to gain that knowledge.  However, once you are ready to roll with the actual transaction, the on-line route is much more economical and does not require a phone call and a reliance on a broker to execute the trade.

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