SERIES: Wisdom From Dr. John C. Maxwell – Part Three

Over the past year, I have had the incredible honor and privilege to speak at several conferences where Dr. John C. Maxwell has been the keynote speaker.   The conferences have been called Stewardship Challenge and they have been presented by Injoy Stewardship Solutions, a premier capital stewardship campaign company.

I thought I would take a few posts to write a few of the thoughts he shared that impacted me greatly.   I trust they will be helpful to you as well.

Part Three My greatest challenge I have as a leader is leading myself.

This is an INCREDIBLE statement – especially when you consider the source.   Dr. John Maxwell is a man who has accomplished more than most people could in twenty lifetimes, yet he still makes this statement.   It caused me to pause and take note.   If the man known as a “leadership GURU” is saying that his biggest challenge is leading himself, why on Earth would it be any different for me?

It is hard to lead oneself!   It is so much easier to just give in to impulsive wants and ignore tough decisions that need to be made.   It requires enormous effort to focus on continuous learning, especially as one begins to enjoy some success.

It reminds of the statement, “What got you here won’t get you there.”

Let’s zoom in on the financial implications:

  • It’s easy to see the financial misbehavior of others – tough to see it in our own life
  • It takes effort to learn excellent money management – time & effort
  • It is easier to be broke and complain about what one can’t do because of being broke than to exert the effort necessary to become financially equipped to fund one’s plans, hopes and dreams

Your thoughts?

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