5 Reasons To Lead A Personal Finance Study – Part 5

In this series, I am sharing five reasons to lead the I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. personal finance study at your church or business.

Part 5 Schools Are Not Teaching It Enough

Most people I meet had “one or none” classes that taught personal finances.   I personally had one class and it was called “Home Economics”.   It was about the home economy, but we only learned how to make no-bake cookies (which we didn’t even put in the oven!).

I am guessing that you would not be excited about leading a group study about calculus or geometry, but helping people with such a practical and potentially life-changing skill set is tremendously rewarding!   We can complain all we want about the schools not teaching it, but that does not address the fact that most of us are not still in school and need to learn it now.

Thank you so much for reading this series!   You can be a part of this effort by leading the I Was Broke. Now I’m not. Group Study.   You can learn more about the study and purchase kits HERE.

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