5 Ways Joe Sangl Has FAILED With Money – Gotta Have It Now

I am writing this series partly to help people win with their own money, but also as a reminder to myself that money pitfalls abound and that we are ALL susceptible to falling into making a poor financial decision.

Part One Gotta Have It Now

I had graduated from college, and I was the first person in my family to complete a college education.   With a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in hand, I was FIRED UP to have completed my education, and to be finally earning money.   My college sweetheart had also just said “YES!” when I asked her to marry me.   So to celebrate, I wanted to get a new car.   After all, I felt that I needed a new car so I bought one.   I did not even really negotiate the sales price.   It is quite possible that I paid twice for that car when you toss in the interest that I paid.


Of course, hindsight tells me that I just really wanted a new car, but my “Gotta Have It Now” desire overtook reason and logic.   The result was 48 months of payments for that smokin’ HOT Chevy Cavalier.

This is, of course, just ONE example of many times that I allowed myself to give in to “Gotta Have It Now” Fever, and it is a great reminder to me to be ever vigilant to ensure it doesn’t happen again!

PROBLEM   “Gotta Have It Now” Fever

SOLUTIONS 1.) A written budget   2.) Working together on the budget with my bride   3.) Waiting overnight before making a major purchase decision

Have you ever failed with money because of “Gotta Have It Now” Fever?   Share your story – we can all LEARN from each other!

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  1. John X on May 24, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    But the best part of buying that car was spraying washer fluid all over the salesman and figuring out the payments by typing with both of your thumbs on the calculator. Purdue geek!

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