SERIES: “Fix The Economy” – Establish a Clear Vision

Welcome to the latest series at the wildly popular “5 Things That Will Help Fix The Economy” In this series, I will be sharing some principles I believe will help fix the economy long term.

The economy has been stuck for some time. The words “Great Recession,” “Fiscal Cliff,” “Sequestration,” “Stagnant,” and “Jobless Recovery” have become common everyday language.

Number 1:  Establish a clear vision of what we want our economy to look like

“Without vision, the people perish” is absolutely true. This applies for each of individually as well as for all of us corporately. If we don’t have a crisp, clear, and compelling vision for the future that is fully bought into by leadership as well as all citizens, the economy will waver and wander.

  • President Obama has been sharing his vision for the United States HERE.
  • Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper, shares vision HERE.
  • Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, wrote a book about his vision for Mexico HERE.

Here is what I know to be true:

If it always one party completely FOR something and the opposing party completely AGAINST something, progress can hardly be made. Relationships become toxic and non-productive and every issue becomes a “WE versus THEY” battle. Economic progress and stability happens when vision is vigorously debated, everyone has their moment to hear it and have their questions answered, and buy-in from all representatives is achieved. Impossible, you say? It has happened many times in the past – usually in the face of tremendous adversity. What if we viewed our collective global economy as a moment of tremendous adversity?

Maybe this would be a good start to a global vision statement:

Help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible.

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