SERIES: Setting Goals – Part Five

Welcome to another series on – Setting Goals

I am passionate about helping others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.  I know that the number one way that folks will win with their personal finances is to have a well-written plan and clearly defined goals.

Part Five  Compare ACTUAL performance against the goals on a consistent basis throughout the year.

You have taken the time to prepare your vision, mission, and plan each goal.  Now go after it, and be sure to track your performance through the year.  Set monthly or quarterly review sessions with your team.

Be sure that the entire team KNOWS what the goals are and how their efforts funnel into the overall organization's objectives.

I have weekly meetings with my team, and update our key goals on a monthly basis.  Guess what?  The items that are measured are what is getting done!

I hope that this series has been helpful and that it leads to a prosperous year. 

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