5 Essentials to Paying Off Debt – Step 5

In this series, I want to equip you to become debt free!! Jenn and I became debt free in just 14 months by following this process. I can tell you this – there is NOTING like living life without the weight of debt!

STEP 1 – Understand the WHY before the HOW

STEP 2 – Calculate your Debt Freedom Date

STEP 3 – Accelerate your debt elimination

STEP 4 – Use the Debt Snowball Technique 

STEP 5 – Establish Accountability
The strongest among us can still fall to temptation! You could be making fantastic progress toward debt freedom and then a new truck pulling a new boat passes you on the road. If you’re not careful, you’ll also be pulling a new truck and boat down the road!

There are two key ways to ensure you are held accountable to your goal of debt freedom!

  1. If married, work together with your spouse. If unmarried, have someone you trust (someone who has won with their money) hold you accountable!
    There is incredible power when you work together with your spouse towards debt freedom! It is a common goal that will unify your marriage and cement your commitment to managing your resources together.I have also found that when I have a bad case of the “I wants” and “I gotta-have”, Jenn does not. She shuts me down! Then, when Jenn gets a bad case of “I really want this”, I do not. I shut her down! Why? Because we are not doing debt! We are THROUGH with it!!
  2. Plan your spending every single month!  
    Planned money goes farther than unplanned money! Every single month, Jenn and I still down TOGETHER and spend every single dollar on paper before we are paid. Don’t miss this!! Every. Dollar. On. Paper. BEFORE. We. Are. Paid.I can tell you this. I HATED the idea of budgeting and now all I do is yell from the mountaintops about how important it is and how EZ it is to budget! There are FREE budget tools that are available HERE. Use one of them to start your journey to debt freedom! Your budget will hold you accountable. I wouldn’t be surprised if it helped you free up $200-$500 per month to attack your debt even harder.

Also, make sure to add some FUN into your liberation from debt! I know that money can make you so frustrated that you want to pull all your hair out, but add some fun into it! You could make your debt pay off visual. Check it out HERE.

To learn more about becoming debt free, check out my book, I Was Broke. Now I’m Not.


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