5 Tips To Win With Your Money in 2016

Every single day, I wake up thinking about how to help people prosper with their finances. It’s for this reason that I’m hosting a free online event called “How To Make This Year The BEST YEAR YET” on Thursday, January 14th, at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. I’ll share more details below, but first I want to share a few tips to help take your money to another level in 2016 (I really like #3 the most!).

  1. Prepare a budget each month – and follow it! We all know that a budget is helpful, yet so few people actually take the time to prepare one each month. If you truly want to maximize each and every dollar in 2016, commit to prepare a budget each month before the month begins. Give every dollar a name. Give some. Save some. Invest some. Spend some. It really works!
  2. Focus on paying off your smallest debt. If you’re caught up in a wave of debt, it can seem overwhelming to tackle all of them at once. Instead of putting “a little extra” toward each of your debts, pay the minimum payment for each debt except the smallest one. Use all of your extra money to focus on eliminating that one debt. You will be surprised at how quickly that debt will disappear, and you will gain huge momentum toward liberating your life from unhealthy debt.
  3. Use your tax refund to launch something! Too many people spend their entire tax refund on the most urgent item in front of them – a debt, or maybe even a trip. But what if you decided to use the money to launch something new – a product you’ve created, a new business, or investment opportunity? You could utilize the money to catapult yourself to financial freedom!
  4. Sign up for a financial conference or class.  Financial education is vital to your financial success. Sign up for a real estate investment course, a stock investment conference, or an online financial education course (like our IWBNIN Core Coaching Program)
  5. Set a saving/investing goal and ask someone to hold you accountable.  It is one thing to have a goal. It is quite another to tell someone that goal and invite them to hold you accountable to reach it! For instance, I’ve set a goal to run 400 miles in 2016. I want you to hold me accountable to it. You can do so by being my friend on the Runkeeper app (it’s one of my favorite apps!).

Employ these tips, and it will help springboard you to financial success in 2016!

Now, about the upcoming online event, here are the details:

  • EVENT: How To Make This Year The BEST YEAR YET
  • DATE: Thursday, January 14th
  • TIME:  8:00 PM Eastern Time
  • DURATION:  60 minutes (45 minutes teaching + 15 minutes Q&A)
  • COST:  Free
  • REGISTER:  Click HERE to reserve your spot. Space is limited to the first 500 people who sign in on the night of the event.

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