5 Ways Joe Sangl Has FAILED With Money – Failed To Seek God’s Will

I am writing this series partly to help people win with their own money, but also as a reminder to myself that money pitfalls abound and that we are ALL susceptible to falling into making a poor financial decision.

Part Five Failed To Seek God’s Will

I am a follower of Jesus Christ.   Yet, I have found that some of my poorest financial decisions have been made when I failed to stop and consider what God’s Word had to say about it.   When we were living with an average bank balance of $4.13, it literally felt like Satan himself was attacking our finances.   Then I realized that I was not seeking God’s will for my finances and my financial decisions.   Psalm 24:1 says that God owns it all.   I believe it because I’ve never seen anyone be able to take anything with them when they die!   Proverbs 22:7 and Romans 13:8 each share important facts about debt.   Proverbs 13:22 talks about leaving an inheritance for my grandchildren.   Proverbs 13:11 instructs me to save little by little so that my money can grow.   Jesus’ parable in Matthew 25:14-30 clearly tells me that I will have more to manage if I focus on becoming a better manager of what I have right now!

The day that I began to read God’s Word and to prayerfully seek His will is THE DAY that my family began to be blessed incredibly – in many ways – not just financial.   Can I get an AMEN! in the house?

PROBLEM: Failed to seek God’s will

SOLUTIONS: 1) Learned what God’s word had to say about the subject   2) Prayerfully seek His will for each financial decision I make

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