Another New Tool: The Mini-Budget

A Mini-Budget is used to spend irregular income such as tax refunds, bonuses, and inherited money.  It can also be used to budget for a home project, wedding, or other event.

Here is how it works – let's say you are going to be having a wedding.  Lord knows how much money we can spend on a wedding!  The average is OVER $20,000!  It strikes fear into every dad who has a daughter.  It strikes TERROR in every dad who has daughters!

Anyway, let's say the budget is $20,000.  SPEND THE MONEY ON PAPER FIRST!!!  You are MUCH MORE LIKELY to stay within the budget if you actually think through the expenses IN ADVANCE!

So you pull up the Mini-Budget form (link is later in post) and spend the money on paper FIRST.


You can see that the $20,000 has been spent 100% on paper.  The chances are GREATLY INCREASED that this family will not overspend on this wedding (if you call $20,000 not overspending – ouch!).

See how it works?  GREAT!  What do you need to budget?

Get a copy of the MINI-BUDGET tool HERE.


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  3. Randy on November 23, 2010 at 6:33 am

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks

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