BOO to the non-savers. Down with you!

From USA Today last week: $575 – On average, U.S. households overspent their incomes by that much in January!!! Below the main headline is a line that states The negative savings rate worries some. WOW! It worries some?????? My goodness, what is it going to take to wake up???? What we are doing is NOT WORKING!

Americans are stupid about money. We will spend money to buy Snow White and her 7 dwarfs figurines for our yard (I know someone who did this!), but not even save a single dollar!

If you can’t save any money, something is dreadfully wrong! Your priorities are out of order. What are you doing with your money that is more important than saving it? Don’t start that with that old line of crap like “I am paying for food and utilities.” For most people, this is a minor part of your income. Let’s see what is NOT a minor part … a brand new car(s), a new computer, a fine meal, a trip to Hawaii, a ski trip, new furniture, an addition to your house, a new big screen TV, a new Harley, fine clothes from the mall, a new digital camera, a new tractor, a new four-wheeler, a new barn, a new whatever …

These expenses that you pay on every month – were they needs? Really? You are really going to need to do some serious convincing to get me to believe that these are needs. Is it worth being broke? Is it?

Get real! Get angry! Do something about it! Become debt-free and save money! You can then buy what you want with CASH, give more money away than you ever dreamed, and save even more for the future.

Go make something happen. Take your finances by the proverbial ears and yell “THIS IS NOT WORKING!!!”

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