Book Review: Church Giving Matters

A friend of mine recently released his first book, Church Giving Matters, and I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to him publicly.  His name is Ben Stroup, and he is passionate about the topic of giving.

I was provided the huge honor to preview this book, and I believe that Ben is dead on with his observations of giving within the local church.

This book was written for church leaders and every leader who reads it will be challenged to view their role in a new light.  Ben has been the pastor of a small rural congregation while also leading LifeWay's Giving Envelope Service.

It was also just announced that this book has sold 6,000 copies in the first ten weeks!  Outstanding – especially when one considers that less than three percent of books ever sell more than five thousand!

Here is what I love about Ben – he is all about providing PRACTICAL information that is RELEVANT and can be IMMEDIATELY APPLIED.  If you have ever participated in any event I am a part of, you KNOW how much I value PRACTICALITY and RELEVANCY.

If you are a church leader, you would do well to PURCHASE BEN'S BOOK.

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