Debt Freedom March – Couple #2 – Month 11


This couple is THROUGH with debt!  It has now been eight months since they announced that they were breaking up with debt.  They have agreed to share their Debt Freedom March with everyone in the hopes to inspire others to do the same!

Here is this month's update.

We are still on the wagon, just very busy.  Everything is still going well.  We are still using our cash envelopes  …and loving it!!  We have really gotten the hang of things and luckily we don't have a whole lot of ups and downs.  Everything is running steady and smooth.  Our upcoming goal is paying off vehicle #1.  It won't be long!!!  The most exciting thing for us right now is seeing our balances (debts) get lower and lower.  One vehicle balance is less than $4,000 and the other just dropped below the $20,000 mark.  Seeing little accomplishments like those keep us going.  We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is very exciting. 
Here is their updated Debt Freedom Date calculation …
Month By Month Progress …
Sangl Says …
Couple #2 is in a time of financial blessing, and they have decided that they are going to manage it to the very best of their ability.  In just 10 months, they have reduced their Debt Freedom March by 16.9 months.  At this rate, they will be be 100% debt-free in just 16.1 months!
Vehicle #1 will be gone just in time for Christmas!  There is nothing like a paid-for car.  The $1,000/month payment will then be applied to the SC Student Loan.  Too bad for SC Student Loan.  They expected that Couple #2 would be paying toward that loan for the next ten years.  Instead, it will be gone in the middle of 2009.
Simply awesome.
Readers …
Couple #2 is on a roll.  You can do the exact same thing!  Pull up the [download#4#nohits] and put together your own Debt Freedom Date!
If not now, when? 
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  1. TurtleLover on August 11, 2008 at 8:37 am

    Glad to hear from you and that all is going well. You are doing GREAT! Hope to hear from you next month!!

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