Do Parents Owe Their Children A Paid-For College Education?

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One of the largest financial challenges faced by many young people today is the cost of higher education.   College expenses have continued to increase at nearly twice the rate of inflation.   This has led to many graduates owing an entire year of salary (or even two or three year’s worth) in student loan debt!   In many cases, these young people are repaying student loan debt equivalent to a home mortgage.

Parents can position their children to financially succeed by paying for their education – whether it is vocational school, technical college, or university.   After all, there is an 18 year notification that a child is going to be headed to college.   BUT education is very expensive, and there are so many items competing for our money.

Some people say that parents OWE their children a paid-for education.   Others say that their children should pay for it themselves.

I want to hear your thoughts!   Please share them in the quick 15-second survey below (or click HERE if you can’t see it).

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  1. Elle on May 11, 2011 at 8:35 am

    Another question you ought to explore sometime: Is college relevant anymore? (from a financial perspective)

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