Emergency Buffer Fund – Bulletproof Vests

I remember the days when Jenn and I had $4.13 in our emergency buffer fund.   Wow!  Talk about living life on the edge!

When you have $4.13 in the bank account and life throws a curveball your way, you have no room for it!

From experience, I know that $4.13 in the bank does not quite cover

  • replacing a broken dryer
  • fixing a broken car – power steering, brakes, tires, air-fuel mix thingy
  • an emergency room trip for the child

In the Financial Freedom Class that I teach, we cover the need for an emergency buffer fund in great detail.

An example I use to prove the need for an emergency fund is the fact that police officers wear bulletproof vests.

I ask the redundant question, "Why do police officers wear a bulletproof vest?"

The class will dutifully respond, "Because in their line of work, it is possible that they might get shot at!"

To which I respond, "Then why don't they just wear the bulletproof vest on the day they are going to get shot?  I mean, that vest is uncomfortable and so hot on a southern summer day!"

The class stares at me like I am completely ignorant and most deserving of the "Stupid Person of the Year" award.  "Because they never know when they will be shot at!", they say.

Hummmmm.   They never know when they will be shot at … SO they wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY – JUST IN CASE!

That, my friends, is the EXACT same reason you need to have an emergency buffer fund of cash!  You never know when life is going to happen and require that money, but the fact is that you will need it someday.  If you do not have an emergency fund when life happens, you will be highly tempted to fall into the debt trap.  That, my friends, is no fun.

By the way, a church member who is a police officer was shot today.  He had on his bulletproof vest.  The following is a line from the news story …

… an officer was shot at least four times … Officer Fikes is being treated for two gunshot wounds to his arm … two other gunshots were stopped by the officer’s vest …  (Office Fikes) was alert, oriented and in good spirits …

JUST IN CASE.  Are you ready?

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  1. Todd C on July 24, 2007 at 6:23 pm


    I’m a big fan of an emergency fund. You call it a “emergency buffer fund of cash”. Do you mean it has to be cash sitting around your house? My emergency fund is in a money market account paying 5.36%

    How much do you recommend in an emergency fund?


  2. Blythe Adams on July 25, 2007 at 11:13 am

    I can’t think of any reason why to not follow a budget. I have tried and failed for several years to maintain a limited budget for our family with no help from our other half. My husband continually blows money and then blames me when we cant cover our bills. I have seen David and tried to convince my husband that cutting back would be a great idea. He disagrees because HE makes the money. I do nothing. I have prayed now I give up. What can I do?

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